Thursday, June 01, 2006

We're Getting Settled

Wow! LA's crazy! Well, we are getting settled in here. The weather is cool (good for Kristen!). We can't believe the outpouring of love, support, messages and prayers we've been getting....truly amazing! THANK YOU!! Kristen & Lincoln have had tests all day yesterday and today. Things are going pretty smooth right now. Her cardiologist said he felt a lot better about how her heart is doing compared to when he saw her 3 months ago because her tests and symptoms have gotten better. They expect her to do just fine (A big praise!) Here are some updated prayer requests as a result of today's findings:

1. That Lincoln's "Foramen Ovale" (an opening in the septum) becomes bigger or they will have to immediately (minutes after birth) insert a catheter into the heart and open it up with a balloon; otherwise he will not have any oxygenated blood circulating the body...BAD!!

2. He will need to have a surgical procedure done called a "Norwood". We were not expecting this. The prayer is that his aorta will be a sufficient size and there will be minimal valve blockage to last a few weeks before they do this surgery; otherwise they will have to do it as soon as he is born. Doing this later is better because he will be stronger and they will be able to do another scheduled surgery at the same time instead of another separate might be able to come home or be transferred if it is done later. It all depends on the aorta and any valve blockage.

Thank you again everyone...we will keep you to you soon!
Josh & Kristen


Melissa said...

just know that as a staff here at The Well we're praying hard for you both as well as your little guy. i personally pray that God's would just wrap His hands around him, as well as give you and Kristen the peace to enjoy the last few days before he arrives.
May the Lord be with you!
many blessings,
The Well Community Church
Office Administrator

Duecks said...

Hey guys,I just wanted to let you know we're praying for you. It's so exciting that Kristen's heart has improved so much. God is so good! We will pray that you will be able to see God's handprints over and over again as this miracle unfolds.

Amy, for the Duecks

Ando said...

Just wanted to let you guys know that Santa Rosa Bible Church is praying for you. You're in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

Josh linked your blog to our Sunday School's blog so they could pray for you guys. We are praying for you daily!


Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers. It is awesome to see your faith and trust in Him. You will certainly be blessed.
Brooke Llanos, Fresno CA

Anonymous said...

We love you guys. It's great to hear the good news about Kristen. As always, we will continue to pray for God's care for little Lincoln. May His fatherly hand be on you all.
Grace and Peace,
Ben, Rachel, & the boys

Almi said...

Just wanted you to know I am in prayer for your family and new little one!! I know all things will be done through Him!! Looking forward to seeing him here and lots of photos!! All my prayer and love Almi (olmstead) Johnson

Bergmans said...

So glad to hear that Kristen's situation is better. Praise God! Continuing to ask for God's all encompassing peace for you all. Praying specifically for Lincoln as his time draws near.
The Bergmans