Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Getting Stronger

We woke up throughout the night calling the CTU wondering how Lincoln was doing. Every time we called they were lowering the vent settings and he was tolerating it! When we got to the hospital this morning Lincoln was on "pressure support." Basically this means that they weaned the ventilator down to the point that it was no longer giving him a breathing rate...he was initiating every breath! The vent is now just supporting him by giving him a little boost in each breath. The Dr's gave the analogy of blowing up a balloon...the first breath to get the balloon started is tough, but once it's started you can blow up the rest much easier. In essence, after Lincoln initiates the breath, the vent helps him by giving that little boost and then he finishes the rest of the breath. Today they have been giving him pressure support for a few hours and then letting him rest a bit. They will repeat this process throughout the day and into the night getting him stronger. Tomorrow they will see if he can do the whole thing on his own and decide to extubate if he is ready. The last 24 hrs have been awesome to see how he has been handling their aggressive weaning, considering the vent was helping him at a rate of 30 breaths per min and 24 hrs later, he is doing it...he has been doing great! Now a few prayer requests: His breathing rate is very fast now that he is on his own. They are not sure if that is due to pain, having to breath through a small tube, medication or maybe because of high pulmonary pressure due to the band not being tight enough. Pray that it is the prior and that the band is sufficient. Pray that his breathing slows to a more normal rate. Continue to pray for the Chylothorax to heal and dry up as it has been draining still. Pray for no infections due to the chest tubes being in him for at least 2 more weeks. Pray for stronger lungs. Always pray for better cardiac function and blood pressure. We can't wait to tell you what the next 24 hr's has in store...we will talk to you soon! J&K


Anonymous said...

Josh and Kiki, I am so relieved to hear the positive news of Lincoln's adventures today. You are staying so strong and I know that this is wearing on you everyday. As visitors come and go, you're reguvinated to start over again and make the long journey up each mountain. Sydney told me last night that she is making another bracelet for Lincoln's little bed in the hospital. We love you guys so much.

Auntie Heather

Linda Posthumus said...

Josh & Kristen,
I LOVE GOOD NEWS! Your mom just called and said they are extubating him tonight. Praise God! We are and will be praying tonight that the band will hold steady and that Lincolns breathing will get to a normal rate. He sounds so strong. With so many people praying how could he not be.
I will also pray for a restful night for you both as I know you'll probably be anxious to know how he is doing. Our Heavenly Father is holding Lincoln in His hands...a very safe place to be!
Much love,

The Doswalds said...

Josh and Kristen,
WE are praying everyday and night for Licoln. How awesome to see every little miracle that God is doing. He is a little fighter and through the strength of God who know's what he will be able to do. We pray for you as well. For strength, rest, and peace through such hard times inlife. We love you three very much and are always in our prays. We love you
Eric, Jill and Makayla

Aunt Donna from Oregon said...

Hey Josh and Kristen,

Thanks for the terrific update on Lincoln! It brings tears to my eyes as I think about how God's miracle continues and I know His Name is being magnified in so many ways. God has brought each of you to mind so many times today so that I could pray. So glad that Lincoln is getting stronger and stronger each day. I know God is going to keep him going and allow his little body to heal in every tiny part.

Thanks for taking the time to keep all of us posted when I know you are exhausted. I know the Joy of the Lord is your strength each and every moment. Take time to read Psalms 107 and see how God provides when "we are at our wits' end". God's blessings.

I love you much,

Aunt Donna :-) Jer. 29:11-13

The Booye's said...

Josh and Kristen,

We have been following Lincolns progress closely and are so excited by his improvements. There is fight and spunk in those beautiful blue eyes. We're praying that the Lord will continue to work in his heart and his body everyday. We are also praying that you and Kristen might be able to do the impossible, which is rest and be at peace in the Lord through out this tumultous time.
Reading through Ps 73 I thought of you guys when it said: 'I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.'
That's what you are doing by petitioning all of our prayers and then posting how God is miraculously answering them. Keep on telling us of all his deeds, our hearts are hungry to hear of them.
Love you guys,
Lynette (for the Booye's)

Tara Miller said...

Josh & Kristen,
PRAISE! I appreciate you keeping everyone in the loop as it gives me and others specifics to pray for. Know that you have sooo many people blanketing you & baby Lincoln in prayer! Each day shows you what a miracle God can make of him.

Anonymous said...

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