Friday, June 30, 2006

I Love My Binki!

Yesterday Lincoln got his bandage taken off of his chest. Now you can see his "war wound" scar he will be proud to show as a boy. They even spiked his hair when he got his bath. His nurse did a trial run with a pacifier. Infants who often go into surgery right after they are born loose their "suck & swallow" technique because they are not eating right away and have to be taught again. Lincoln obviously knows what he is doing since he grabbed a hold of it and went to town! Well, the plan today is the same...keep him comfortable, stable, watch his heart, keep his lungs dry, no pain from his chest tubes, no infections, good blood gases, and WAIT for the chylothorax to heal. Please pray for those things and for us! Also pray for one specific bill as our insurance has threatened to not cover it. Thanks again for you faithfulness and love! We will talk to you soon. J&K


Anonymous said...

I am so amazed at how much personality Lincoln has already. You can just see it coming through the pictures. I have to keep reminding myself that he is only a few weeks old. What an amazing blessing that God gave him such an amazing personality. We love you guys and are continuing to pray for your strength and Lincolns healing. We will remember to pray for you financial stuff too.
We will be out of town this weekend and will not have internet access. I think I will be going through withdrawl. It has become such a routine to check in on you guys several times a day.
love ya,
sarah, john, madison and joel

Aunt Mammy said...

Dear Josh & Kristen,

We've been praying for the three of you continually. Updating friends, family, and Chaplains with every new blog post; and those without email through the mail with printed blog info & pictures; and also by phone. Everyone calls continually for phone updates.

Lincoln looks exactly like Josh when he was born! Today's pictures are so adorable. Just know we are praying. I'd send you a Round Table Pizza if I could.

Here are some notes & emails from the prayer warriors:


From Caludeen Heal, age 85, in Torrance, CA:
Mom's lifelong friend since little girls, Claudeen Heal, is praying for you and Lincoln continually. She lost her Joe the first of June and is having hard time eating, and getting so thin. She is all alone but for one 58-yr-old daughter in Col. She is grieving and feels lost, but never forgets to pray for you. In every letter, she mentions praying for you three.

Claudeen's Note card 6/20 Tues after receiving blog in mail:
"Praise the Lord." Many thanks for the updates on Lincoln. Makes me feel like I'm part of the family. Yes, I'm praying. Much love, Claudeen

One of her notes of 6/24 said:
"Think of Lincoln all day, every day. I say my prayers for him. He is a doll. The parents are so brave."


From Chaplian Millie Vierra 6/29:

Thank you for including me in your wonderful e-mail updates. I am praying for this family everyday!
Please tell me "how are you doing?"

In His love,

Chaplain Millie

From Chaplain Jackie Linn 6/29:

Wow! This all brings back so much of what we experienced with our
grandson Toby and son and daughter-in-law Mike & Elaine almost 4 years ago. Prayers offered, up and down days, seeing some babies go home with parents and others to God's hands, reliance on family and new, deep friendships during the endless hours spent in the cardiac unit, sharing triumphs and grief, waiting for blood pressure and oxygen counts to rise and stay stable, and experiencing how fragile life can be. Our prayers continue to be with Lincoln, Josh & Kristen.
Chaplains Jackie & Ed


From Father Joe 6/29:

Thanks for the pictures and updates. It makes it more personal. My continued prayers.


& on 6/27 Tues:

Thanks for the updates and pictures. Continued prayers.

Fr, Joe

& 2nd email on 6/27 Tues:

God is Good! Fr, Joe


& on Mon 6/26 after receiving update:

Back at you. Thanks

Fr. Joe


From Al & Betty Killen 6/29:

Poor little Lincoln and the parents, he sure is a fighter, though. God be with all of them. That is our daily prayer. B & A

& on Mon 6/26:

Thanks for the up-date. Lincoln has so many people praying for him, he will get better!! Our prayers are with the family. B & A


From Leigh Austin 6/27 Tues:

Lincoln is so cute, and seems so intelligent and aware. I just know he has fighting spirit and will make it.

From Chaplain Maureen Douglass 6/24 Sat:

Awesome!!!! Thank you, God!!!
Blessings and continued prayer,
Maureen Douglass

the doswald's said...

Lincoln is looking better and more attentive every time we see his pictures. He is so stinkin' cute. We are in continual prayer and praise the Lord again for another wonderful miracle at how things that could be affecting him are not. That is an awesome piece of Grace from the most wonderful Grace giver.
We love you guys so much.
E,J &M

danielle bohr said...

Josh & Kristen,

Lincoln looks so great! I'm proud of him and of the two of you! Keep on keeping on! Well, Lincoln and I will have to compare open heart surgury scars sometime! I knew we'd have a lot in common! Anyway, everyone is right when they say Lincoln looks like you Josh...I just hope he doesn't have your toes!!! AHHHH!!!

In all seriousness...
Our prayers are with you guys!

melissa braun said...

What son of Josh could ever "forget" how to eat??? :)Hahaha!! Seriously, that is great news and it is so wonderful to see Lincoln looking so good. We wish we were able to be there with you guys to give you a hug or a few laughs but we will have time for all that soon enough. You guys are such an inspiration to other believers as to how you can still have the joy of the Lord in the midst of very trying circumstances. You exhibit strength that I could only hope to have if in a similar situation. Your son is blessed to have such wonderful, loving parents like you.

Love, Melissa

Sam Carter said...

The third pic looks like Lincolns' Blinkin'. He's giving us the "A-OK" look!! We know he has many obstacles yet to go through but the Lord is faithfull and full of mercy and grace. We continue to pray!!!! This blog is a major
work distraction but keepum' comin' !!! We love seeing
new pics. Get some rest you guys, we hope to see you and Lincoln next weekend!!!
God is Good!!!
Uncle Sam & Aunt Michelle

Mara said...

hey guys...
i check this blog 42 times a day, hoping to see and hear more little miracles. aunt vicky is looks JUST LIKE what i remember josh looking like as a baby, back in the day (um, thirty years, we're old!) i have loved looking at the progression of his growth, his personality, his pinkiness coming through. God is taking care of your little one, and not only that, he is so very close to each of your hearts. you all amaze me. i wish we were closer so we could bring you a good meal, and give hugs. until then, friends, continue to walk in the faith that you so abundantly show to each one of us...

mara (doug and brinley)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Just checked in again and was so encouraged to see Lincoln with hardly any tubes and looking bright and alert.

He's sure a cutie! We'll be praying that his condition continues to improve. I'm sure you guys lose your prespective sitting in the hospital with him all day (and most the night) but he has really come a long way in the last several days. I know there is still so much to overcome but wow God has been faithful so far. We'll be praying for you and Kristen to be encouraged and that you can see God's hand working in little Lincoln's body. Keep up the postings (especially the pics)
it really motivates prayer to be able to see him and hear about him.

Love you guys!
Lynette (for the Booye's)

Aaron Family said...

Everytime you post pictures, he looks soooo much better. It's amazing the progress he's made so far--and only in a couple weeks!!! We wanna come back again and see him awake and with personality! Thanks for updating so often and with so many pictures. We love to see him growing and changing. Will continue to lift you all up in prayer. Thanks for giving us such specific prayer requests. God is in the details!


Aunt Donna from Oregon said...

Hey Josh and Kristin,

Love the new "spiked" look for Lincoln! He is so cute and is really looking great. I know you are enjoying all these new facial expressions and his own personality coming out. I know God has a unique plan for this special little boy and it will be exciting to see how he is used for God's glory!

It is so fun to see Lincoln with his Binki! Glad he adapted so quickly.

I just came from our first worship, prayer and praise service in our new sanctuary and I am so filled up with the Lord and His love. We have an Awesome God and He is a God of miracles and I continue to trust Him for Lincoln's complete healing.

Will be praying regarding the insurance, that God will provide in His own special way.

Get some much needed rest to prepare for a new day in the Lord. God bless you for your faithfulness to Him.

Love ya much,

Aunt Donna :-) Isa. 40:31 & Psalm 4:8

Linda Posthumus said...

Hey Guys,
That first picture is unbelieveable!! What a handsome little guy! He looks so content and soooooooooooo healthy. God is good! (Keep those pics coming!)

I had to tell you this: My mother-in-law, Grace, was asking me about Lincoln today and she said, "You can't KNOW how many people are praying for that little guy!" Trust me when I say she knows half the free world.

So there you have it. Why are we surprised that Lincoln is doing so well, when sooooooooooo many people are praying!

Love you guys, sleep tight...all three of you.

Love, Linda

The Branham's said...

What a handsome little boy he is! It is so wonderful to see his precious face now. The boys definitely think the scar will be cool to show around to friends.
We are praising God with you for the many answers to prayer so far. Today we leave on vacation and will not be able to check the blog as often. Lincoln and the two of you have been such a part of our daily life these past weeks that we will miss the constant updates, but will keep you all in our prayers. It will be exciting to see what great things God has done the next time we are able to touch base with you.
Thank you both for taking the time to keep this blog - it encourages us to prayer and blesses us when we see His answers. Lincoln's life is already ministering and he hasn't even left the hospital yet!
In His love,
Dan, Leeanne, Kyle and Sam

Aunt Mammy said...

Responses from Friends & Chaplians on latest Friday blog of "Love my Binki!"

From Chaplain Mindi Russell Sat 7/1:

Oh Janelle, Lincoln is adorable. Bless the Lord o my soul, for God is truly with this little one. A mighty warrior! Thank you for your updates. May God bless each of you and give you strength when you are weary.
Love to all, Mindi


From Chaplains Ed & Jackie Linn 6/30:

Great news! Today was a very good one! Ed & Jackie


From Connie Thompson, Escondido 6/30:

Janelle~ Pass on to Josh that I think the pictures from today look alot like him when he was newborn......and of course he LOVED his binky too....We're praying! xoxoxo Connie

From Chaplain Maureen Douglass 6/30 & referring to other patients who were in the cardio unit who passed away this week:

Will do. (Pray) May God's best healing blessings be ON you all. And, may He comfort the grieving hearts of the parents who have lost their dear little ones.
Love and continued prayer, Maureen D.

From Father Joe 6/30:

Thanks and prayers.

Fr. Joe

(Father Joe always responds to EVERY update to let us know he is always praying.)


From Chaplain Millie Vierra 6/30:

Beautiful! Amazing and very wonderful!!

Thank you for sending the update!

From Al & Betty Killen, Sacramento (who continually respond to all the updates) 6/30:

Lincoln is everybody's Hero now. We pray all goes well for all of you!!
Amen. B & A

From Clint Jones, Placerville 6/30:

From Cousin Joanna, Shon, Scarlett Rose & Hannah Jordan 6/30:

Dear Josh & Kristen, We just wanted you to know that we all are constantly praying for you and little Lincoln. Wish we could be there with you. He looks so adorable. Mom sends us all of the pictures and blogs in the mail, and I call several times a day to get any more information. We think Lincoln really looks so much like Josh did as a baby. We love you and will keep praying non stop. Love Joanna

From Oscar Campos, San Diego (who has been bedridden for months from a Harley accident. Oscar's dad and grandfather were both motorcycle cops in San Diego) 7/1

Thank you for sharing your newphew's story and rest assured we will keep them in our prayers.

O. Campos

Anonymous said...

Josh and Kristen,
What a privelege to watch God in action! What a miracle to see Lincoln doing so well. He is such a beatuiful little boy. Thank God for all the tubes, when they were needed but doubly thanks to God for the tubes being gone and being able to see Lincoln's handsome face.
We are praying continually for all that you have asked. I know the throne of God is being bombarded with prayers on Lincoln's behalf.
Praying for your endurance, patience and strength.
We love you all,
Valerie and Haig

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