Friday, June 16, 2006

God Is Good!!

Hey everyone! Lincoln made it through surgery. He did excellent! After talking to Dr. Plunkett this morning...he told us it would take roughly 4-5 hours. We waited for what seemed like took 7 hours to get the report that he was finished. They did all three procedures in this surgery. I wont get into the details now because we are still at the hospital. We will send an update later this evening with some pictures. He is now resting in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. He is still very much in critical condition and the next 24-48 hours are crucial for him. Please be in prayer that his vitals will improve as they were a little questionable after surgery. I know he will get stronger....he has already proven he has a strong heart! Thanks for all your prayers and support! God is sooooo good to Him be all Glory and Honor!


Karen and Benny Charles said...

Hi Josh and Kristen-
This is Karen Thompson (Alan and Connie's daughter). We just wanted you to know that we have little Lincoln in our hearts and prayers!!! We will continue to pray for him as his body heals!
Love-The Charles Family

Doswalds said...

Amen!!! One step at a time God proves faithful, and Lincoln proves strong-willed. The pics look great, he's getting to look more like Josh. Keep pressing on, sleep well, thanks for the updates. -The Doswalds

Darla Maciel said...

We ahve prayed all day for you. We are friends of Blair Edwards and his parents.We have a 16 year old son, Christopher, who has a very similar condition to your son. In fact, David Atkinson, who is a cardiolagist at UCLA, has the same condition as our son and we have consulted with him over the years. He is our hope of a very full life for Christopher. We spent many day s at Childrens Hospital and have been exactly where you are and know the feeling only so well. I hope someday very soon to meet you and for you to meet Christopher. He is 6ft tall, handsome as all get out and although he cannot do sports, he is funny, smart, just recently qualified for Nationals for speech and debate, and claims Christ! Lincoln too, will be able to do many things, all for the glory of God.We would be happy to come and visit you this next week and bring Christopher with us, if some company would be welcomed.
May the peace that paces all understanding be your today.
Darla Maviel for the Maciel Family in Ventura

Aunt Donna from Oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

What an Awesome God we have! I am so excited at what God has done through the miracle of medicine and gifted doctors hands in the life of Lincoln! I have been praying for a miracle all day long and God did it. I am thrilled for you and your whole family and continue to pray for your strength as you go through these long hours. I pray little Lincoln's vital signs will improve and he will grow stronger with each passing moment. I know God has a very special plan for Lincoln and He will use him for His Glory.

Love the picture of Lincoln with his little Beenie! He is so sweet and such a gift from the Lord.

I will pass this wonderful news on to my prayer partners so they can rejoice with you and keep praying for Lincoln. God bless you and family abundantly. Please give big hugs to all.

I love you much,

Aunt Donna :-) Eph. 3:20

Anonymous said...

Abba Father, we come to you tonight with praise and thanksgiving in our hearts. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and for answering them in your perfect timing.

Lord, you know little Lincoln, intimately. You have a plan and a purpose for his life. We pray Lord tonight that your hand of healing would touch his heart and that you would bless him with a peaceful night. We ask you Lord to be that peace that surpasses all understanding for Kristin and Josh, too.

Lord let us be reminded continually of your blessings, Lord we praise Your Holy Name. In Jesus name. Amen

Josh, Kristin and Lincoln - We love you, we are praying for you without ceasing. May you feel the prayers of the saints being lifted up for your family.
Hugs in HIM,

Larry, Karen and Matthew Lockshaw

Aunt Mammy said...

From Aunt Mammy's friends & Chaplains-- Some of the emails from before & after Lincoln's birth and surgery:

From Chaplain Mindi
PRAISE THE LORD- WE THANK GOD FOR LINCOLN. Thanks so much for the updates. Our prayers are with the family and you. Chaplain Mindi

From Friend Linda Brobak in Buffalo area, New York
I will be praying for Lincoln & so are friends of mine doing the same.....Your friend, Linda Brobak
From Friend Barbara Tait, Auburn, CA
I have been reading the e-mails about baby Lincoln and have kept him in my prayers. I sincerely hope and pray that Josh and his wife are blessed to see their son grow-up to become an adult. How did the surgery go this morning? I got your update that surgery was happening, but nothing since.
I hope that you and your family are doing okay and will continue to pray for the health and well being of baby Lincoln and his parents. Barb

From Father Joe in Sacramento
Thank you for the update. You are in my prayers and Masses this weekend.
Peace and Comfort, Fr. Joe

Friends Al & Betty Killen from Sacramento:
How sweet!! He looks like he'll make it through!! Just remember, he's in God's hands, no matter what. Those pictures are precious. Thanks!

From Chaplain Anni Farnsworth, Sacramento

Hi Janelle,
I can’t believe how much this family has to endure. I am redoubling my prayers for Lincoln and his parents. Hope you are holding up good through all of this. Please continue to keep me posted.

Blessings, Anni

Again from Chaplain Anni after Lincoln's birth

CONGRATULATIONS! This is wonderful news. Please keep me posted on Lincoln’s progress.

Love to you and blessings,
Anni Farnsworth

From Cousin Mike Imlay from Kansas

What a cutie Lincoln is and we wish him well. Well, our prayers are with you all and hope that all will be home soon.

From Cousin Sam Carter, Orangevale, CA
Hi hon, we r keeping all of u uplifted in prayer. I have others praying also for everyone.

From Friend Lillie Player, Sacramento

Hi Janelle,
I'm praying for baby Lincoln. I ask that God strengthen his body with good health. Heartfelt prayers and blessings to his dear Mother Kristen and Dad Josh, also the rest of your family. May God bless and continue to give the doctors healing hands as they touch and examine his precious little being. With warms thoughts, your friend Lillie.

From Friend Mia Burton (Leigh Austin's daughter) from Sacto
Poor little Lincoln—Hayden and I have been praying every day for him and his family J

From Chaplain Lee Anne Barnes, Sacramento

My prayers are with you and your family. I know you will be such an encouragement and strength to your family.

With love, Lee Anne

From Friend Linda Campbell, Lake of the Pines after Lincoln's birth:
How wonderful!!! Prayers are coming. L

From Friend Connie Thompson, Escondido, CA
Janelle, Thanks for keeping us updated on Lincoln and family. The Thompsons are praying! God is good , indeed. Love you, Connie

From Rev Darryl Heath, Sacramento

Praying with you....


From Norm & Carol Peet, Escondido, CA
Thanks so much for the updates about Josh and Kristen and unborn
baby Lincoln. We are certainly praying for them all!
Norm and Carol

From Friend Leigh Austin, Granite Bay, CA
Sad to see such a wonderful little family in trouble, they have my prayers added in with many...

From Krista at Warehouse Ministries, Rancho Cordova

Thanks Janelle, we got your email this time and I printed it out for all our pastors and church staff! we will be praying hard! blessings, Krista

From Chaplain Mindi
I join you in praying for Josh & Kristin. God bless you my friend. Chaplain Mindi

From Friend Linda Campbell before Lincoln's birth:
What a situation. Will pray for them all for sure. L

From Cousin Sam Carter, Orangevale
Absolutely they r on the list, will forward this to Friend in Florida and around here too LOVE YA

From Friend Lynne Fulgham, Shon's mom, Sacramento
Janelle, I will definitely light a candle tonight and say a prayer for them. I hope and pray that things will turn around for them. My faith and love are given freely to them in this challenging
time. Please let them they are in my thoughts.
Love, Lynne

From Chaplain Marlene,
Janelle, you & these folks are in my prayers too.

From Chaplain Marlene

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
(Isa 40:31 KJV)
Ok my friend. God is good and I pray all goes well. Have a great day, Janelle.

From Chaplain Carballo Alfonso
Paz de Cristo!!! we are praying with you all in The name of Jesus
Carballo Alfonso

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! We continue to pray and praise and praise and pray!
Love, Jan, ESA/Love INC, Missions Network, etc.

Tony and Bonnie Redfern said...

Josh, Kristin and Lincoln,

We continue to pray that you will feel God's everlasting arms as He carries you through this time. We pray that you will know his peace as you watch your precious one grow stronger each day.

Tony and Bonnie Redfern

Anonymous said...

Josh and Kristen,
Praising God with you at the good report. We'll continue to pray for strength and endurance as Lincoln heals and his heart continues to recover.
God bless you all,
Valerie Maurin

Anonymous said...

Josh, Kristen and Lincoln, I have been praying non-stop. I did not get to see the pics of Lincoln until this morning, as they were blocked from my work comp. HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!
Contunious love and prayers to you all,
The Waterman Family