Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tough Days

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of correspondence. The last two days have been a little crazy to say the least. Yesterday, Lincoln's blood pressure and stability was very bad. The Dr's rushed him in to do a cardiac catheterization. A section of the atrial septum (wall separating the two upper chambers) has a hole in it. This hole is normally bad and is considered a defect, but because of the unique anatomy of his heart, he needs that hole. However, the hole was not big enough to let blood through, so they had to insert a catheter into the heart and inflate a balloon into the hole and open it wider. This was a crazy day as it brought to surface a lot of memories & dejavue. Lincoln did very well! His vitals improved and we thought we could rest for a week or two. Last night Lincoln vitals were starting to go south again. He has very low blood pressure and circulation. From midnight until 9:00 am he kept everyone on their toes. They also recommended that we shouldn't leave his bedside. He was very sick. Well the past few hours they have stabalized him he is doing ok. He is in very critical condition right now and needs prayers! This is what is expected in the NICU...good days followed by not so good. Its a rollercoaster of sorts. Anyway, Kristen is doing wonderful! They sent her out of the ICU back down to postpartum last night. She will be discharged later today. The Dr's said that as they looked back at her heart function throughout the whole process...they did not see one sign of irregularity or stress on her heart! OK, I know I promised pictures but the past 48 hrs have been a little dicey. They are coming I promise. Just know he looks like his dad...very handsome! Hope all is well with everyone and thankyou all for all of the sweet comments....they are very encouraging! Love you all!


Patricia said...

Kristen & Josh,
I'm glad to hear Kristen is doing so well. I will keep you and Lincoln in my prayers. I know how hard it can be to stand by your babys bedside in the hospital. I'll pray for Gods strength to see you through the days ahead.
Love, Patricia Brown

J Crew said...

We are excited that Kristen is doing well and we will continue to pray for God's strength and grace during this time for Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

Josh & Kristen,

So pleased to hear Kristen is well! We continue to pray for you all! We already love little Lincoln so much and will lift him up in prayer continually!
All our love,
Danielle for the fam

Aunt Donna from Oregon said...

Josh and Kristen,

Thanks for the update as I was getting concerned and have been praying much. So glad that you are doing well, Kristen and will be discharged soon. I will send this update out to our prayer chain that extends across the USA as well as Russia and Irian Jaya. We all continue to pray for a miracle for little Lincoln as well as strength, courage and peace for the two of you and your families. God's blessings to you.

Love in Christ,

Aunt Donna :-) Psalm 91

Anonymous said...

Kristen and Josh,

We are so excited to hear how well Kristen is doing. Lincoln is in our prayers. You are all in our prayers here with the Duerksen and Eggenberger clans.

Jen Duerksen

SJ said...

We are continuing to pray for you all! We are rejoicing that Kristen is doing well! We will continue to pray for strength for you both and for little Lincoln. He is in the hands of the best physician - Christ himself. Know you are being much thought of and prayed for.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for life and people and friends and for holding all of us. God we give you ourselves and our family and our friends. Help us to hold them warmly and gently. We love You and we are so glad to be loved by You!
Blessings, Jan & ESA/Love INC

Anonymous said...

Josh and Kristen,
Thanks for the pictures! Lincoln is beautiful. His coloring looks really good in the pictures. Well it sounds like the NICU rollercoaster has begun. Just know that you are continually in my prayers, God will sustain you through this time and give you a comfort that passes all understanding. I am praying that you will be able to rest in His loving arms and watch Him work in Lincoln's life through the help and support of the medical staff around you.
God Bless you all,
Valerie Maurin

Anonymous said...

Kristen & Josh (Lincoln, too) The staff here at Campus is keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. We are trusting the Lord to sustain you and your family during this very trying time. We know you know from experience how He can use difficult times in the lives of all the people Lincoln touches. May God continue to uphold you all.

littlerobin said...

Congratulations Kristen! I didn't know you were pregnant. The boys and I have added the three of you to our prayers. Lincoln is a beautiful boy! Robin Boyd

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,
We are praying for you all and know it is a very hard time for you. We will continue to lift you up to our loving Lord!
The Musgrave Family

Anonymous said...

Josh, Kristen & Lincoln:
We know our great God is with you--helping you
each and every moment! You are so special to Him
and also to us! We love you dearly and are
praying for you consantly. It was so neat to see
your picture with Lincoln on power-point for the
Church service Sunday! We're loving you!

Jim & Karon Cecy