Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, Lincoln had another great day yesterday as you can probably tell by the pics! They were able to get him completely off of another heart medication called Dopamine and off 1 of his 3 pain medications. He still has a ways to go, it's a sloooooow process. They do not want to rush anything! Now that he is feeling better he is actually being a little feisty with his nurses. He is letting them know that he doesn't like to be touched so much now that he is more alert. He actually kept his eyes open for about 30 min as Kristen and I laughed and played with him. We think he has blue eyes! The plan for today still remains the same...keep comfortable, keep peeing!, and slowly wean medication and ventilator setting. Thank you all for your steadfast prayers and support...we love you all! J&K


Anonymous said...

Lincoln is so adorable. We are rejoicing with you in the progress he has made and will continue to lift him up to the Lord. We have friends praying for Lincoln from Seattle to Mexico City! Thanks for the updates--it is great to know specifics to pray for!

Albert and Laura Pando

danielle bohr said...

Hi Guys,

Wow! Lincoln looks fabulous! When the pictures popped up, Ethan's first comment was..."Lincoln's awake now?" He still prays twice a day for his buddy!

What a special posting today! I welled up with tears as I read your note! Happy to see smiles on your faces!
With all my love,
Danielle for Da Bohr's

Aaron Family said...

What a handsome little guy! He's looking soooo good. I am so glad you guys have been able to have some deeper bonding time with him. I got a little teary as I saw the pictures. Praise God!


nana said...

Nana said
I can't wait to see my sweet boy on Saturday.He looks sooooooooooo good:)
Thank you everyone for lifting my kids and Lincoln up to the FATHER!!!!! it means so much for all of us to hear from all of you;our extended family in HIM.
Nana and pappa York

Linda Posthumus said...

Josh and Kristen,
What can I say!!!!!!!!!!!! You've got such a BEAUTIFUL boy!!!! He looks soooo good and it is wonderful to see his eyes so alert. It did my heart good to hear you say you both laughed and played with him for 30 minutes yesterday. What a gift from God! I will now pray, too, that he will get used to his nurses buggin' him. Keep your eyes focused on our gracious and merciful Lord.
I am so thankful to Him!!
Love you guys,
Linda and George

Anonymous said...

Your new pictures make my heart SING with JOY!!!! Look at how alert he is...that picture of mommy looking at her sweet baby boy is PRICELESS.

I prayed for you the minute I woke up this gald to see Lincoln's little eyes open!

Take Care

Anonymous said...

He is adorable. We are praying for continued strength for his little body! God is Sustainer!

Stephanie and Jeremy WRitebol

Anonymous said...

He is adorable. We are praying for continued strength for his little body! God is Sustainer!

Stephanie and Jeremy WRitebol

Anonymous said...

Josh and Kristen,
What a precious gift! He is so beautiful and looking more alert. So glad you were able to have some quality time with him - you all need this!
Just wanted to let you know there are a lot of us here at Combie that have you all in our prayers daily.
May the Lord give you his calm and presence each day through this time!
In HIs love!
Beth and Mark Gilbert

The Doswalds said...

All Smiles Here!!!! If you look at the top picture on your June 19th post, and compare it to today’s pictures, he looks a thousand times more healthy. He is really getting cute. Its good to see everyone smiling. I’m sure Lincoln would be smiling if he didn’t have that darn tube in his mouth. Well, we’ll pray that each day continues to bring more health for him.

I can’t wait until you all get transported back to Fresno, hoping soon!!! Take care, thanks for the update, it made our day….The Doswalds

Edwards' said...

Hi Josh and Kristen: Like everyone else we too are so excited to see your great pictures today and to hear of little Lincoln's big babysteps forward. "Praise Him, Praise Him All ye little children!!!" Please give him a kiss for us and we will keep praying, praying, praying. We love you guys. Josh: give your mother a hug for me and ask her if she needs any tictacs?!!!XXOOPatsy

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sight! Little Lincoln has his eyes wide open telling the world "Here I am!" What a gift he is as are you both. We will keep praying for him as his days increase; we will pray for you both for continued strength for the long haul ahead. We look forward to more "Lincoln Blogs" that come daily to remind us of God's great power to change our lives with the sending on an other angel to earth! Chaplains Ed & Jackie Linn

Anonymous said...

Kris & Josh,

He looks so good!! Josh & I were so excited to see him with his eyes wide open, and to think of you interacting with him. I too got teary eyed just thinking how good God is, and how much He has done for Lincoln so far. I don't know how people can handle things without God. I'm so glad we have Him to trust in. Keep resting in Him. I'm sure you have all been quite a testimony to the nurses and doctors around you. We continue to pray for all of you! God is good.

Love, Chris & Josh

Aunt Mammy said...

Quick Notes From Aunt Mammy's friends & Chaplains after emailing the updates on Lincoln:


Still in Prayer.

Father Joe
(& Sac Law Enforecement Chaplain)
Again on 6/19/06 Thanks! (for Lincoln's update)

Father Joe


6/22/06 From Father Joe

"Praise God!"


6/20/06: From Linda Brobak,
New York

ps I have been praying for Lincoln

From Rev White on 6/21:
(& Sac Law Enforcement Chaplain)

Thank you! (for latest update on Lincoln)
At least you know we are all keeping a close touch with this little
God Bless!


6/22/06 Again from Rev White:

How is baby Lincoln, mom, dad and the rest of the family doing?

They are in my prayers every day.

6/22/06 From Chaplain Anni Farnsworth: (Sacramento)

Wow! I am so glad to hear that Lincoln is moving forward. What a beautiful little boy! Last night I spoke to one of the chaplains at my church (spiritual Life Center). She calls me once a month and we do a little praying on the phone. So I told her about Lincoln and we prayed for him and she said she will continue to pray but I wanted to let you know that she told me she has a friend who was also born with major heart problems and also had surgeries but has not only grown up to be happy and healthy but also just recently gave birth herself at age 40!

Have a blessed day! Anni

6-22-06 From Judy Hulbert,
San Diego

What is the latest on Lincoln's recovery? Friends have him on their prayer list and are asking for the latest reports.

Notes from Al & Betty Killen, Sacramento

God be with little Lincoln and the whole family. That is our prayer!
Betty & Al

The Lord is good!! We'll keep praying for Lincoln. Please pray for my sister who's going gin for tests about cancer returning on July 5th... we're belief[king God healed her by then. Also my brother has to have serious eye surgery Wednesday. Because of it's seriousness, he was told it might not be a success and he'll be totally blind. So I told him that we serve a mighty God and he can heal him too. He has to believe that.

Thanks! Betty
6/21 From Al & Betty after inquiry about her brother's surgery:

Yes he did. All went well so far. He needs another week to see the results whether he'll be able to see again or not. God is so good and He answers prayers.
We'll keep Lincoln in our prayers.
God bless you. B & A

6/21: From Al & Betty after latest update on Lincoln:

Isn't it wonderful??

Is he precious or what?? What a treat it must've been for those parents to be able to see this wide eyed boy look at them for that long!! All we can say is: " Praise the Lord for bringing Lincoln this far." We'll keep praying for sure.
Betty & Al


6/23/06 From Lynne Fulgham
(Shon's mom) Sacramento


He's looking so much better. I hope and pray every day
that he comes through this and grows to be the little
boy they are hoping for. Those pictures with his eyes
open are absolutely beautiful. He's a little angel.
please let them know I am praying for them and have
them in my thoughts daily.


6/23/06 From Grace Shepard, Wash State

Hi Janelle, Little Lincoln is in my prayers and I am so happy to hear how he is coming along..Praise God. I love this verse: " I WILL NOT FORGET YOU. SEE, I HAVE ENGRAVED YOU ON THE PALMS OF MY HANDS." ISAIAH 49:15, 16. GRACE

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