Friday, July 14, 2006

So Far So Good!

Well...Steady as she goes. Lincoln is doing great! They finally took his final chest tube out and there hasn't been any accumulation of air or far. Since he has had that chest tube out he is not experiencing as much pain as before....and you can tell he is more comfortable by the way he acts. Feeding is going great also. Lincoln is at full feeds (46 cc's). He has started to drink the whole bottle on his own now...well, when he feels like it or when mom is feeding him. He sometimes dozes off while eating still and does not finish. Cardiac babies get real tired while eating. They burn a lot of calories and eating is like running a marathon to that is why he falls asleep. Speaking of calories...they are increasing the calories in the formula to get him stronger. He is now getting vitamins too. They stopped the Milrinone (heart medication) IV drip and switched over to an oral version! So, currently there are no more medications or any thing going through his IVs. They will keep them in though because they sometimes need to replace minerals he expels when he potassium and calcium. For now the plan is to monitor him and his heart as he grows and wait until he is stable enough to go home. Continue to pray for all of those requests we have been mentioning in the previous updates and the new ones today. Hey...Lincoln's buddy Wayne came to visit yesterday...I think Link liked his beard. Talk to you all soon...we love you all! J&K


Aaron Family said...

Love that second picture. He looks so alert and so darn cute. Thanks so much for all the pictures. So glad to hear he's at full feeds but will continue to pray for more strength to finish that bottle on his own. Glad his chest tube came out easily and he's off the IV!!! Will continue to lift Lincoln up in prayer as well as you guys cuz I bet the monotony can be so draining. Love ya


jaime angel said...

I am so overwhelmed with how well Lincoln is doing. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!!

What a handsome little guy you have. I am so happy for you guys and Lincoln with all the progress he has made in only a short time. He is gonna be a heart breaker!!! Watch out girls!!! Love you guys so much and are lifting you to the Father as often as possible.

Lincoln is truly fearfully and wonderfully made!!!



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear our little fighter has gotten off the last tube! Yea!! PTL :-) Also, as usual, your pictures are so superb. And of course he eats well from mommy...I bet he loves the smell and comfort she prvoides. And I can tell she loves the same from him ;-)

We will continue to pray for your prayer requests...especially that Lincoln gets to keep all the tubes out.

Love from
Amber and family

Anonymous said...

Praise God for Lincoln's steady progress this past month! There have ben setbacks, but God's grace and mercy have seen you all through. It sure looks like Lincoln wants to GO HOME WITH MOMMY & DADDY!! How precious to see the excellent pictures and his precious, sweet face! (Josh I hate to tell you this, but your son has more hair than you do!) :) We love you all and have been praying unceasingly; as are many members of our body. God bless you all (Numbers 6:24-26) Marty & Norm

Linda Posthumus said...

Hey you Guys!

How are you two doing???? Kristen sure looked content in that first picture with a sweet face just like her little boy!

What a blessing to hear Lincoln is drinking a whole bottle now, (at least when his mommy feeds him!) He's seems to be not taking baby steps but rather big "toddler" steps forward. We're all so pleased and thankful.

I thought Santa Claus came to visit Lincoln for a minute there... :-) sorry Wayne! (Just kidding--couldn't help myself.)

It's so exciting to think he might be coming home soon! Unbelieveable.

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace.

Love you all so much!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Lincoln might be a mama's boy by the way he feeds. Look out Josh, you might be fightin' for attention. The pictures are great, Wayne will toughen Lincoln up real quick...but then we all know men that look like that really have a soft, sensitive inside. Please send Lincoln hugs and kisses from me. Tell him I will see him VERY SOON at his home in Fresno. (sorry Linc, the whole world isn't as lovely as downtown LA, Fresno's kinda hot)

danielle bohr said...

Josh, Kristen, & Lincoln,

I can hardly stand those pictures. So cute! I am so happy that you and Kristen are able to hold him now. I have a feeling he'll be a spoiled little boy. Oh Well! Anyway, don't forget your cadence from Auntie Danielle, Lincoln...

Lincoln Michael Oh So Fair,
Sportin' A Look With Spikey Hair,
Feisty Guy Who's Always Winkin'
Oh We Love Our Baby Lincoln!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Fresno very soon!!!!


P.S. Josh, find out who wrote that last "truly" anonymous letter...could it be Uncle Sam?

danielle bohr said...

By the way...Lincoln has more hair than our Ellie who's 11 1/2 months old...what's up with that...why do all the boys get the thick, grown in hair?


Aaron Family said...

I hope Lincoln feels better soon and comes home with you soon. My favorite picture was when Lincoln had the animals with him (1 month old post). I'm praying that Lincoln would drink all his milk.


Aaron Family said...

I pray that Lincoln would drink all his milk. I hope he's doing good. The pictures look cute. He looks very cute in his hat. I hope he can go home soon with you so you can have him at home with you. I'm glad he's doing so good with his heart surgery. We miss you.


J Crew said...

We are glad to see Lincoln doing so well. We have been praying much for all of you.

Anonymous said...

What a cute little guy Lincoln is...and what a great GOD we have..we praise the Lord for all of his progress. It is so great to see all the smiles on Mommy and Daddy's faces! Luv, Dottie

Anonymous said...

Josh and Kristen, I am sooooo happy to be able to see Lincoln's progress. He looks so good, and soooo cute! We continue to keep all of you in our prayers, and to pray for all the specific needs daily. When we are online at home, Alana loves to see the new pictures of Lincoln. She knows who we are praying for at bedtime, and when I say,.."and God Bless Baby Lincoln", she says, "No, God Bless Baby Superman!" She knows "him is sickie" and God will make him better.

God must be listening especially to the prayers of these purest little souls among us, cause Lincoln's progressing so well! We look forward to seeing you back in Fresno and meeting the little Hero!

Angela, Alan, and Alana

Anonymous said...

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