Monday, July 03, 2006

BIg Feeding Trial Run...Pray!

Lincoln is doing good. Today they are going to attempt to feed him a little bit of formula. We watch and wait if any fluid leaks into his chest cavity during the digestion process. If it leaks, we will see drainage through his chest tubes and we will have to wait another week or two. If not, they will build up the feeding slowly and will be able to remove the chest tubes. Please pray today for a successful trail run! Here are a few pics we took yesterday...his nurse wanted to be a little patriotic and lay some red and blue blankets under him since he cannot wear any clothes. We will post a bunch more pics tonight! We will let you know how it goes asap! Love you all! J&K


danielle bohr said...

Josh & Kristen,

Ethan and I just sat down to pray for you guys right after we saw those precious, Patriotic pictures of a baby boy who shares a name with one of our greatest, godly Presidents! Yeah Lincoln!

My favorite picture is the second one as he looks so relaxed as if he's on a raft in the swimming pool. What a sweet nurse for "dressing him up".

We miss you guys and look forward to meeting baby Lincoln.

Sending all our love,

The Doswalds said...

This seems like another huge benchmark. We’ll keep praying God slides him through this one as he has the others. He is looking so much bigger and healthier in the pictures. Keep pressing on, we’ll hope to see you soon. The Doswalds

Anonymous said...

Dear Baby Lincoln,

We are praying for you. We pray that you are able to eat. We are going to color a picture for you.

Love, Brayden and Cameron Cook

Renee Ollenburegr said...

Josh & Kristen,

What an adorable little boy you have! We pray for Lincoln all the time and check your blog a few times a day. Thanks for posting all of the adorable pictures and updates so regularly. It's nice to know how we can pray specifically!

Take care and may God bless your little family immensely!

Ryan & Renee Ollenburger

(we haven't seen you in so long, I hope you even remember us...)

Anonymous said...

We prayed for all of you at staff prayer this morning. The pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing this time with us.
Jan and ESA/Love INC

Anonymous said...

Josh and Kristen,
Lincoln is such a trooper! Just like everyone else, we will be praying for him ABUNDANTLY over the next few days/weeks. Our hearts go out to you and your families, and we are so impressed with the amazing faith that you have put in our Lord. God is so good!
Take care,
Allison and Aron Swearengen

aunt donna from Oregon said...

Hey Little Lincoln,

You look sooooooooooo adorable with the red. white and blue draped under you! All decked out for the 4th of July. You truly light up everyone's hearts and lives as we watch what God is doing in your very young life. I pray the formula will do just what is supposed to do and that there will be no leakage whatsoever! I know God will continue to take care of you as you are so very precious to Him. Hugs and love from Aunt Donna little guy.

Blessings to you, Josh and Kristen. Thanks again for the great updates and precious photos. It's a great way to keep in touch and feel part of all that is going on. I know all of the messages from loved ones must encourage you so very much. Will keep praying and will be anxious to know how the formula works out.

Love ya much,

aunt donna :-) Eph. 3:20

Anonymous said...

He looks like Baby Superman with his red and blue!!!

Anonymous said...

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