Saturday, July 08, 2006

I want milk!

Lincoln is now getting 24 cc's of formula. He has been only taking about half of that amount and he has started to throw up after a meal every once in a while. The formula they are giving him is called Pregestamil. It's a low fat pre-digested formula that smells terrible and tastes worse. We think he is getting tired of eating that stuff so he never finishes his they have to give what ever he doesn't eat by bottle through an NG tube. Pray that he tolerates his feeding because they want to get to 45 cc's before they can start getting him off his IV medication...and he does not like it! He wants milk but it will have to wait a month or two. Pray also that he does not have any trouble keeping it down. The Dr's have ordered that his chest tubes be removed today....PTL! This will end a lot of pain he has been in and we will finally be able to hold him for the first time. Continue to pray for his heart, blood pressures and lungs that they will all work together like they should. Pray for NO water on his lungs and for the Chylothorax to continue to heal so they can give him milk soon. Thanks for all your prayers and support...we will talk to you later...we love you all! J&K


danielle bohr said...

Hey Guys,

Glad to hear things are going well with Lincoln. Sorry buddy about the stinky/yucky milk! Bumber! Anxious to see that picture of you guys holding him! Won't that be fabulous! We were so glad to see you a couple of days ago and even though we went to Disneyland, our visit with you was the highlight of our trip to L.A.! Thanks for making it so great!

P.S. Cookies are not brocolli! :)
We love you all and are continuing to pray for you!

Sending all our love,
Danielle for the fam

Linda Posthumus said...

To ALL Prayer Warriors for Lincoln:

(Sorry if I did this twice). I'm not sure if the first went through.

Little Lincoln needs our prayers. Gramma Vicki just called me at 3:15 on Sat. and Josh had called her asking for prayer. Lincoln's chest tubes were removed and air got up through one of the tubes and caused the lung to collapse. The drs. were trying to remove the air in hopes that his lung would reinflate. Please keep him in prayer right now and throughout the day. Also for the family as this is a VERY stressful time right now.

Thank you!

Linda Posthumus

Anonymous said...

Just got home from vacation so haven't been able to read up on the little guy...just got the latest update...praying right now for the collapsed lung. Still, it's so good to see those newest pictures. Lincoln looks so good!! We really missed looking at all your wonderful updates...will be praying for you all. We're trusing God with you!

Love ya!

Amber and family

Linda Posthumus said...

Answered prayer!!! PRAISE God!!!!

Thank you everyone for praying for Lincoln today, Sat. It's now 4:15 and Vicki just called back to say the drs. had removed 300 cc of air from his chest and now Lincoln's lung is reinflating!!!!!!!!!!

God is soooooooooooooo good!

If I hear more...I'll keep you all posted!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness!
Terri ~ Las Vegas

jaime angel said...

We are so glad to hear that things are better with baby Lincoln. What a trooper. He is such a precious boy!!! We loved being able to see him and you guys too, Josh and Kristen. We will keep praying!!!


Bryan and Jaime Angel

Amy Jacobs said...

Hello there! I have not heard any news since I drew Kristen's blood a few months back - Praise the Lord God Almighty!!! My thoughts and prayers had turned towards you the other day, and I just saw Barbara Cook tonight and she told me that Lincoln had been born! Praying that our Lord and Savior will give you both rest and peace and for Lincoln to continue to fight and grow healthy and strong =) Psalms 91

Anonymous said...

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