Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Little Set Back

Today we had a little scare. We came into the hospital with the expectation of finally getting to hold him because of his chest tubes being removed today and instead we go two steps backwards with a hiccup. Lincoln had his chest tubes removed today. While removing one of his chest tubes, air got sucked up into the chest from the hole the tube was in. Air overtook the space where his right lung is (this is called a Tension Pneumothorax) . This collapsed his right lung sending him into distress. They did a less invasive procedure to remove the air by inserting a small needle attached to a syringe into the chest. They drew back almost 300 cc's of air out of his chest cavity. After taking a chest x-ray, at appeared that the needle aspiration procedure worked, re-inflating his lung. After waiting about 20 min, Lincoln started getting pale and having difficulty breathing again. After taking another chest x-ray, they saw that his right lung had collapsed again. This was because the original site where the chest tube was was not completely sealed by the bandage allowing air to come back in. This time they realized in order to get the air completely out, they couldn't do a needle aspiration. They would need to reinsert a new chest tube in a new location and suture the old chest tube hole where the air was coming in. As soon as they did that procedure the air came out of the new chest tube and his lung re-inflated and his color came back to him. Unfortunately this happenes sometimes when removing those darn tubes. So now he has all three of the old chest tubes out and one new one in back in. However, this new chest tube is only in to keep any air that might accumulate out of his chest (plural space) that does not belong and should only be in for about 24 hrs. Tonight he is still getting a little help breathing with a nasal canula. This is giving him a little oxygen boost because his lungs are trying to recover. They will slowly wean the oxygen down over night to where he is breathing well on his own again. He is very heavily sedated and should rest without any more issues tonight....but he is not out of the woods yet. This also means they had to put his feedings on hold until tomorrow. Because of the issue today...fluid built up on his lungs (pulmonary adema) and they need to get that off of him for him to breath easier. Please pray that his lungs can recover fully, no more air leaking back in, that this would not create any additional problems with breathing, the new chest tube removal goes smooth, water comes off of his lungs, he can start feeding again soon, and we can hold him soon. Oh they inserted the new chest tube, a little Chylo fluid appeared in the tube...please continue to pray for that healing otherwise we will have to have that tube in longer. Thank for your steadfast prayers...we will give you an update ASAP. We love you all! J&K


Linda Posthumus said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

So sorry you guys had to go through that yesterday. My heart goes out to you and of course to little Lincoln.

I'm so thankful he's doing better now and my prayer is for complete healing of the lung and chylo issues and that you both will be able to hold your baby in your arms VERY VERY SOON!!!!!

We loved seeing you guys (and especially Lincoln) the other day, and visiting with you. I'm so glad I forgot my purse so we could visit longer with you. God is good. As Danielle mentioned, seeing you guys really was the highlight of our trip to L.A.

We love you all and continue to pray for your family and extented family.

Love, Linda

littlerobin said...

We will keep praying. I'm eager for you to be able to hold him! Robin and the boys

Brea Higby said...

Hang on buddy, hang on!

danielle bohr said...

Hi Guys,

Praying praying praying! Anxious to hear what goes on in the next day or two...

Remember that your God will not give you more than you can handle. He is using you in His special way to be a testimony of the peace that can only come from Him! Our God is STILL an awesome God!

All our love,
Danielle for the Bohr's

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

I was without my computer all weekend so was unaware of this latest set back until I got to work this morning. I am praying right now and will continue to pray for Lincoln's little lungs, etc. I am unable to pass the info onto my email list but will let as many know as possible. God bless and strengthen you as you deal with a new crisis. God is in control and I am still believing Him for a miracle in Lincoln's little body.

Love ya much,

aunt donna :-) Prov. 3:5-6

Linda Pullen said...

Hi Kristen and Josh,

I am sorry to hear about little Lincoln's set back Saturday. I certainly hope that he has improved since then.

I have been following Lincoln's condition and your journey and have been praying for:
1.Lincoln's improvement and strength
2.The opportunity to hold and cuddle him soon
3.Your strength and encouragement

I somewhat know what it is like to sit at the bedside of a loved one day after day. My niece Wendy spent a great deal of time in the hospital over the years. Remember to take care of yourselves and laugh at every opportunity.

I will continue to keep the three of you in my prayers.

Linda Pullen

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