Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Learning To Eat

Lincoln is doing better now that he is eating more....he is now almost a 6 pounder! While Lincoln is eating, he gets tired easily. He still does not finish what they give him and is having a little trouble with the "suck-swallow-breathe" thing. He is now getting 45 cc's but can only nipple about 25-35 cc's. Because of this, Lincoln is now working with an Occupational Therapist to teach him better technique while eating....and he is picking it up slowly. While drawing his daily labs yesterday, the Dr informed us that his "Bands" and "White Blood Count" were slightly elevated. This is an indication that Lincoln might have a "foreign invader" in his blood and might need to be put on an antibiotic. The preliminary culture test taken this morning turned out negative but they need to wait 3 days for the total confirmation. This is probably due to how many open wound sites he has from the chest tubes and the IV's. Pray that no infection grows in the next couple of days or we will have to put things on hold while he battles that! We talked to the cardiologist today...he said that Lincoln should be able to handle things (his high sats. and a little pulmonary edema) with his heart for now or at least until the next surgery. Today they will wean him completely off his final heart medication that is given by IV and switch over to the oral version of it. This is the final IV drip that Lincoln is attached to...YEAH! So until the next update...pray that Lincoln gets stronger, feeds well, his heart & lungs continue to perform well, no infection, the transition from IV meds to oral meds, chest tube removal today or tomorrow goes smooth. TTYL...we love you all! J&K


Anonymous said...

Hi Carter's
Lincoln looks so big and healthy. We are so pleased with all his baby steps. When Kristen holds him you realize how little he really is. It would be fun to see him for my self,but being a gammy that's hard to accomplish. Hope to see in hot Fresno soon and if you need our trailor let us know. Blessing's to you all and I have a color for you. Love Debbie B

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

Good to hear that Lincoln is gaining weight and up to 6 lbs! I pray that he will be able to learn the suck-swallow-breathe technique quickly so he can eat the amount he is supposed to at each feeding. I also pray that Lincoln gets stronger, feeds well, his heart & lungs continue to perform well, no infection, the transition from IV meds to oral meds, chest tube removal today or tomorrow goes smooth. I know our great God and Physician will take care of each and every detail.

I pray that you are both getting rest at night and just enjoying being together in the Lord. I know you must be exhausted but you look great in the pictures. It is so evident that God is your Strength and Peace. Take care and God bless. Hugs to you and family as well as Lincoln. Will pass this latest news on to prayer partners.

Love ya much,

aunt donna :-) Isa. 40:31

Nana said...

There are nooo words that can express how we all feel; but the the picture of the 3 of you together speaks for itself.{Does that make sense?) Oh well........YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to see all 3!!!!of you.God is so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Mom York (Nana)

Anonymous said...

And we love you all too. Thank you for the update...continuing to pray for no infection! Man, is your guy strong and what a fighter! What a blessing he truly is. We can't wait to meet him someday soon when you come here to see Auntie Heather and cousin Sydney!

Love to you all

Amber and family

jaime angel said...

Okay, so I've been dying for the next report!!! What a blessing to hear that he is doing so well. Those pictures are so precious of you guys holding Lincoln. I will be praying that he will be able to fight off any infection that is threatening to hit his little body. Love you guys, and are praying for you!!!

Anonymous said...

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