Monday, July 10, 2006

Quick Recovery...That Was Not Fun! But God Is Good!

Lincoln did well recovering from the lung scare. He is now breathing on his own again without the assistance of oxygen. He still has his chest tube in because it was leaking fluid. It should be taken out in a day or two. Yesterday was a great day for recovery....Kristen finally got to hold Lincoln for the first time. It's been tough waiting for 4 weeks but it was sooooo worth it. Lincoln started back on his feeding when mom got to hold him and he wasted no time getting it down while she fed him. Although Lincoln is feeding again after 24 hours, he is quickly remembering that the Pregestimil tastes terrible! He does not like to finish his bottle and they are trying to increase the amount he gets each feeding. He has to be able to eat a full 45 cc's. He is currently at 26 cc's but he only likes to eat about half that the rest they have to put into his NG tube. Pray that he can eat his whole meal on his own because this is a huge part of proving he is ready to go home. They have started switching the rest of his IV medication over to an oral version which he will be able to go home on until his next surgery. Continue to pray that this transition goes smooth. Uncle Sam & Aunt Michelle came again this weekend and got to see him extubated for the first time...that was fun! Thanks for praying us through the last 48 hours...GOD IS GOOD! We will chat soon...we love you all! J&K


Linda Posthumus said...

Josh and Kristen,


Those pictures...what can I say! The first one of Kristen feeding Lincoln is priceless. I'm sure Lincoln was thinking, "what could be better in life than eating while being held by my mommy!!!!!"

We are sooooooooooo happy for you all. Also, what a GREAT family picture of all three of you. Thank you so much for sharing those. Even though I had heard the good news, I couldn't wait to see the pictures and hear it from you Josh.

It is obvious our little Lincoln is a fighter and little bump in the road is no problem for him.

I will continue to pray he will "enjoy" that nasty food and that the change over of the meds would go smooth.

Love you guys so much,

Anonymous said...

I was just praying for you, and then when I checked the post there were the pictures of you holding Lincoln! How exciting!! We will pray that he will take the food, even though it tastes awful. God is good, and it's amazing to see it lived out in your lives. It's quite a testimony.

Love, Christine

SJ said...

God is soooooooo good! When I checked and saw the pics of Lincoln (especially the one of Kristen holding Lincoln) I rejoiced and was just reminded of God's graces and mercies!!!!!!!!!! Please know we are continuing to pray and thank you for allowing us to be a part of the "prayer" team for Lincoln. While we have never officially met, to know that we are brothers and sisters in Christ and can call on one another in times of need and rejoicing is such a blessing! God is good - our prayers are with you all!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family. We are so excited that you finally got to hold little Lincoln. How precious. We love you guys and are continuing to pray for healing. It sounds like Lincoln is quite a fighter. I wish so badly that we could make it down there. Thanks for keeping us connected through the blog. I am so encouraged to hear you praising God through every situation that you come against. What a blessing you guys are to our family.
love ya,
Sarah....John, Madison and Joel

Patricia said...

I'm so glad you were able to hold Lincoln. He is so adorable. I pray his final chest tube will be able to come out soon. And being able to hold him will be more frequent.
~ Patricia Brown

melissa braun said...

Dear Josh & Kristen,

God is good indeed!! It's so great to see you all there together for you first real family portrait with Lincoln in Kristen's arms. We will continue to lift you up in prayer and look forward to another update. There is evidence of God's faithfulness in every post. We love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Dearest family,
We've been of camping in the mountains to get away from the 113+ degree heat. What a joy and a blessing to come home and read your fantastic updates and see the great pictures! Thank God for how tenderly He is caring for Lincoln and that He continues to sustain you two. We appreciate so very much being able to read your postings and see the pictures and we have been praying fervently and unceasingly for you all. I love the family picture...Mommy + Daddy + Lincoln = three blessed Carter's! We love you so much - Marty and Norm (Romans 15:13)

Anonymous said...

Josh and Kristen,
I got a little teary seeing Lincoln finally in his Mommies arms. I just see such a determination in this little guys face. He might just be a handfull later on :)
We are so excited for you all and are cheering at how God continues to show his love, mercy and grace throughout this process. My heart feels so optomistic when I pray for Lincoln. I think because of how we have seen God's continued hand of protection over Lincolns little body. Rest in Him Josh and Kris!
You both have been incredibly brave.
Love you guys!
Lynette (for all the Booye's)

jaime angel said...

Josh and Kristen,

What a guy you have!!! He is such a trooper!!! We are soooooo happy to see that he has bounced back from his little bump in the road. We agree with my mom, he is quite the fighter. We have our young marrieds group still prayin' and we are too. Keep on keepin' on. Let us know if you need anything at all, and we will see what we can do. We love you guys!!!

Jaime (and Bryan) Angel

Anonymous said...

Josh and Kristen,
It is so awesome to see Lincoln right where he should be in the arms of his mommy w/ Daddy right next to her. That is an awesome testament of how great our God is!!!!!!!! We will continue to pray for his feedings and that all will cont. on the up swing. The pics are great. We love seeing all three of you happy and together. I told Makayla that we got to see all three of you today and she got a huge grin and started to giggle. We all miss you and can't for you to come back to Fresno.
Love you and miss you,
The Doswalds

David & Michelle Aaron said...

So glad to hear the good news. Is he really only a step or two away from coming home??? That's so great! We can't wait to see you. Those pictures are so precious--truly happy for you, Kristen and for Lincoln too that he could rest in his Mommy's arms. I bet that bottle tasted the best so far. :)We are leaving town for a few days and not sure if our hotel will have internet access, but wanted to make sure to wish Lincoln Happy 1 Month Birthday!! Love you guys!


Linda Posthumus said...

Hi Guys,

When I told Danielle that Kristen was holding Lincoln, Ethan was listening and said, "Lincoln's done now!????" So cute. I wonder what goes through the mind of a little one. I guess he figured if he's in the arms of his mommy, he must be all better.

Love you guys,

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

Praise God for His wonder working power in Lincoln's life once again! He is truly Awesome!

I love seeing Lincoln being held by you, Kristen, and you and Josh look so happy! What joy that must bring to your heart as I know you have longed for it since his birth. I trust you will be holding him lots and lots in the days to come and that Fresno is not too far off for all of you. I pray Lincoln will begin to eat more and that it will be digested well.

Remember: You are all very special to me and to the Lord Jesus. God bless.

Love ya much,

aunt donna :-) Isa. 40:31

Anonymous said...

Josh & Kristen, Beverly and I have been out of town for over a week and have not had any internet capabilities. We have been praying for you guys so much and it is so great to get back and check out Lincoln's blog and see how God is at work in this little guys life. Seeing the pictures of him bring so much joy to my heart. I cannot wait to see him and to see you guys. I rejoice in the Lord for the progress in Lincoln's life and I pray for you guys as well. I am sure that it will only be a matter of time before Lincoln starts eating all his food... He has Josh as a dad!!! Prayers and Peace to you guys.

Matt & Beverly

Hunter Bateman said...

This' good news. This' the first time I've seen the blog and can respond, but I'm excited for this news guys. God'll bless this child and your family, & I pray for Lincoln's continual improvement into life at home with his parents.

I love each of you,

Hunter Bateman said...
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Anonymous said...

SOOOO wonderful to see you finally get to hold your sweet baby boy. What a testimony to the power of the Lord Jesus to heal and protect. I love the new pictures of you're just BEAMING. Lincoln looks so fabulous and strong! God's blessings and peace to you all!

Amber and family

Patsy, Dan and Brynne said...

Hey Josh and Kristen AND LINCOLN!!!Yeeeeeaaaahhhh!!!! WaaaaawHoooooo!! Lincoln, you had us going again but as everyone now knows you are tough. How great your pictures are today. It is such a blessing for all of us to see you in Mom's arms. Keep it up and soon,we will pray, you can go home!!!!! YOU will love Fresno!! Be prepared for a huge home welcoming!!?! with lots of presents!!!?!(what size are you,I have to go shopping?!) God is so good and He blesses so richly. We loooooovvvee you guys.:)Pats

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that i think Lincoln is one of the most beautiful boys I have seen. I get tears in my eyes every time I look at his blog. I am so happy that he is recovering well. I really don't know how to use these blogs very much. this is the first time I have every really been involved in one. I hope you guys are getting these messages. It there any idea of when you guys will get to come home? I am praying for you all the time. thanks for the posts. as I write this letter to you guys the newest post that I can see on this blog is form July 10, which was last week. I hope and pray that things are still well with you guys and with Lincoln. Prayers and blessings.

Matt Ford

Anonymous said...

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