Thursday, November 02, 2006

Waiting is the Hardest Part

Lincoln is doing good...we had a little bump in the road on Oct. 20th. Lincoln had a spasm in his heart called an Atrial Fibrillation. This is when the heart rate speeds up to a dangerous rate. Usually there are reasons the heart does this...but of course with's always idiopathic (an unknown reason). Lincoln's heart rate jumped up to 230 bpm without reason, and after a few different attempts to calm it down with finally did. Because Lincoln is so small and has a failing heart...his ability to fight through and handle issues like that or what they call his "reserve" is very weak. And we think that by going through yet another huge episode like he did made him lose a little more reserve making his heart even more weak. Since then, his oxygen content in his blood (his "saturations") has been low and he is now on oxygen with a nasal cannula. He has also been put on a new medication called Digoxin to make his heart beat slower and more efficiently. Pray that another "big" issue stays away because we don't know how much more his heart can take before it says "enough." This is the hardest part for Kristen and I...and Lincoln...waiting! Lincoln has been on the waiting list for a little over two weeks now. The scary thing is...heart transplant for infants are more rare than for older kids and we just don't know how long Lincoln can be in a stable condition waiting...especially when he has had big issues come up every now and then. Wow...that was heavy...but aside from all of that...Lincoln is doing well. Kristen has been working with the physical therapist to help Lincoln with head control and arm and leg strength. You can imagine how far ICU kids get behind in their development just lying in a bed all the time. We've seen him getting stronger every day with his movement and technique. As you probably have noticed, we have updated his blog site with a few more items to look at. On the right side of the page we've included a "Prayer Request" list...PLEASE be in prayer for those items as we specifically lay them out. There is also a "Link" section...there we have highlighted some of the sites that pertain to Lincoln, his condition, heart transplant, donor awareness, etc. Have fun looking at those as you become more familiar with Lincoln's needs. Thank you all for your continued prayer and support for all of us...we will talk to you soon...we love you all! J&K


Anonymous said...

WOW! It just gets more heart wrenching each time we come here to read. Still praying that the Lord provides for your needs. If I could reach through this monitor to HUG you I WOULD....such a witness you are to all of us and to the many lives you touch through Lincoln's life.

May God carry you in the roughest times...We'll be praying unceasingly...

Love you all

Amber and family

J Crew said...

As always, you guys are in our prayers and let me tell you that it is amazing to see the strength and faith that God has given you during this time. It is such a testimony to Christine and I.

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

Just a quick note from work to let you know you and Lincoln continue to be in my prayers continually and the prayers of many others as I give them the updates.

I pray a new heart comes quickly for Lincoln and that he will be stable and ready at that time. I know God's timing is perfect and that He has just the right heart for him.

Had a nice phone visit with Georgia the other night and enjoyed little stories about Lincoln. She is anxious to come see you all.

God's blessings to each of you and your families. You are special to me and to Jesus.

Love ya much,

aunt donna :-) Phil. 4:13,19

Anonymous said...

May God give you His peace with His timing!
May God bless you and hold you today.
Jan & ESA/Love INC

Michael said...

He is just so stinkin cute!
I love the Halloween costume...
he's just darling!!
I wish we could come and hug him and kiss him ...
We think of you often and check your blog pretty much every single day.
You are all in our thoughts and prayers.... I couldn't imagine what you're going thru...
The Kings ~ Las Vegas

SJ said...

We are continuing to pray - for your strength and for Lincoln's! Your testimony is amazing and a daily challenge to me to trust and depend on Christ in all things! May God be your strength, provider, comforter!

melissa braun said...

Missing you all so much and praying that Lincoln gets his new heart soon. I did another post about Lincoln on my blog and I know that some other people across the country are also praying for him now too! May the Lord continue to give you guys strength as you wait and courage as you encounter moments of difficulty. We love you all and can't wait to see you again.