Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm 5 Months Old!

Lincoln turned 5 months old on Sunday and is growing fast...he is now weighing in at 10 lbs 8 oz! Lincoln had a great week...PLT! He is now holding his upper body and head up and putting his binki in his mouth all on his own. He is also starting to talk...well...baby noises. We also got moved to a different ICU due to him being a little more stable. However, pray for Lincoln today as he is currently experiencing a high heart & respiratory rate. He is very agitated and not feeling well. He is also sleeping a lot and his heart is a little more enlarged. He is not keeping his feeds down. The Dr's think he might be a little fluid positive/overloaded...or it could be an infection or a GI issue...they just don't know. Please pray that this is all it is and not an infection, flu or his heart weakening. If he is sick...we cannot accept a heart if one becomes available. Another issue is that normally Lincoln would be needing his second surgery soon. His heart anatomy would still require a need for correction because he is growing and will eventually out grow the corrections made from the first surgery. The pickle is that Lincoln's heart is too weak to do another corrective surgery and we can't put him into surgery waiting for a heart anyway...and...we don't know when he will start to show symptoms that he would need that surgery...will it be before a heart comes? Anyway, a lot to think and pray about! Lincoln got a few visitors this week. John, Julie & Alyssa Taylor came to visit along with Pam Uffelman and her daughter Sarah. That was a fun treat! The last picture that we posted here Lincoln got to pretend he was an astronaut. He was having an energy expenditure test to see how many calories he burns...he liked it for a little while. Oh...and by the way...Pam, the pink binki was for you! Keep praying hard as Lincoln is feeling bad and his heart is acting funny...also for us as it has been a very hard week emotionally! We look forward to talking to you soon...We love you all! J&K


Michael said...

Oh you guys!
He is just such a little love bug... I love him! It is nice to see John & Julie!!
We are certainly praying for you guys ... I just can't imagine what you're going thru...
he's just so dang cute... I am praying for little Lincoln to stay healthy.... and for him to be blessed with a new heart.
We love you and think of you all day.
Mike, Terri & Magoo King ~ Las Vegas

SJ said...

He is just so cute! Know that we are continuing to pray for strength for you both and for Lincoln. Thank you for your continued testimony and sharing with us so we can specfically pray - - - I know you have to be drained emotionally - and we are praying that in the midst of everything God will be the strength of your heart and give you joy with Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

Just as everyone has said, I can't imagine what you guys are going through!! I know that I, nor any of us, can be sure why all this is happening, but I do know you are doing exactly what you should by giving God all the praise and glory for what He is doing. It is a tremendous testimony to all of us to see your faith growing and not shrinking in the midst of a very difficult time. It constantly reminds Josh and I what really matters in life, and how many little things we concern ourselves with that we shouldn't.

We are praying continually for you guys and little Lincoln (who's not so little anymore). He's just so cute!! When I see the pictures of him and you guys, I wish we could come down and visit! I would love to be there to hug you all.

Love, Christine

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Love the pictures!!! Thanks for the update. I've been wanting to give you a call, but I never know when is a good time. Mornings, day time, evening? I know it is kind of hit and miss. I miss you guys so much. We want so badly to come out and see you. We'll have to see if we can figure something out.
Ashley is still doing well. She got a little bit sick from her last strong chemo, but she's staying healthy over all. It has been an answer to prayer that even with her counts being low and other family members having colds, she hasn't gotten sick and hospitalized. Praise the Lord.
We love you guys. You are in our thoughts and prayers always.
love ya,
sarah....john, madison and joel

The Doswalds said...

Hey Guys!!!!

He is looking great. We’ll pray he doesn’t backslide, but keeps moving forward everyday. He are just praying that a healthy heart comes before his need for another surgery. God knows the plans He has for you. We think a lot about your family. Glad you got put down in a lower level unit. That’s a great sign I bet!! Hang in There!!!!

J Crew said...

I just want to say Amen to what Christine said

Michelle said...

Hey Guys,

We miss you and Lincoln a lot. I hope you guys are getting some rest. We can't wait to visit again. We pray for Lincoln all the time. We love you guys!

Sam & Michelle

melissa braun said...

Like a previous poster said, we too wish we could be there to hug & squeeze that cute little guy in person. Know that you are in our prayers and in our hearts. We will pray specifically that Lincoln will be good and healthy when a heart becomes available. Praying that we will be able to see you all soon.


aunt donna from oregon said...

Hey there Josh and Kristen,

Just a quick note from work letting you know I am praying for each of you in this time of stress and waiting. It is difficult to understand all of what is happening but I have to trust that our Awesome God is in control and that He will continue His miracle in Lincoln's little life.

Lincoln is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing the great photos of him and each of the family. Lincoln reminds me of you, Josh, when you were a little baby. He is very long like you were and of course adorble! :-)

I pray you will feel God's loving arms around you during this time and experience His perfect peace and rest. Hugs and love to each of you.

Love ya much,

aunt donna :-) Isa. 40:31

Linda Posthumus said...

Hi you guys!
I love it when I log on and see a new update. WOW lots of news. Thanks for giving us the latest and the new prayer requests.

I admire so much the grace that you both carry yourselves with during this most difficult time. God is so gracious and sufficient!

We continually pray for you and for little Lincoln as each day passes. My prayer is that he will receive a new heart TODAY, Lord willing. I pray that prayer every day and will continue to trust in our sovereign Heavenly Father for His perfect timing.

We love you all so much and send BIG HUGS and KISSES!!!

Love, Linda and George

Anonymous said...

YAHOO! five months old! I love you all and look forward to seeing you next week.
Auntie Heather

Anonymous said...

There is joy in the LORD, there is love in His spirit, the is HOPE in the knowledge of Him...

Just read the latest updates. Sorry to read that the little guy is not feeling well. We'll keep praying. Our son Kyle asks every single night to pray for "baby Lincoln." we never miss a night.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. You will be in our constant prayers.

Love and Hugs
Amber Ferry and family

Anonymous said...

Hi Lincoln, I am playing with Miles right now, but we wanted to stop and say hi. I love you in my heart. We will say a prayer for you right now. See you in five days.

Love, Sydney

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