Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Trick or Treat!" This was Lincoln's Halloween costume...We're not really sure what he is...but he looks cute anyway!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kristen

Remember when we were talking about his little costume when you were here in Roseville. Well looks like you found a cute one that fits great. Praying for your special guy...lots of hugs and love!!

J Crew said...

That costume is totally legit!!

melissa braun said...

I love the spiked hair!! He looks so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes he does look very cute!
Jan and Friends at ESA

Linda Posthumus said...

Hi guys,
Wow, what a precious little trick or treater he is! What fun that you guys did that. We are continuing to pray, daily, for your special little guy. Our Heavenly Father is a VERY BIG GOD! Thank you for updating the blog. I LOVE all the pictures. He's so handsome!!!!!
Love to you all,
Linda and George

Aaron Family said...

Lincoln's Halloween picture is cute. I will be praying for you guys. All the picture were cool and cute. That's all.

Joshua Aaron

Aaron Family said...

Dear Carters,
The halloween picture was really cute.We will be praying for you.I hope Lincon's heart will get better.We will be praying for you everyday. I hope you don't feel nervous about Lincoln. I hope Lincoln will get better.


Aaron Family said...

I like Lincoln's costume. It's so cute and pretty. I like his spiky hair. I like his mask. I love Lincoln. I hope Lincoln won't cry.
I hope he would go to his house.


SJ said...

This is adorable! Thanks for sharing -