Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lincoln's Home!

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Lincoln this past week! His Life is so fragile and keeps us on our toes...but God is good and gave us warning signs that Lincoln was in distress. After undergoing a heart catheterization on Saturday night, Lincoln made a great recovery. He was extubated on Wednesday and transitioned pretty well when they took his ET tube out and started breathing on his own. His cardiologist kept him in the hospital for a little longer than we hoped because he wanted to keep a close eye on his heart function because the stress on his heart from the blockage made his heart very weak...and now attempting to breathe and eat put an even bigger load on the heart. Well...according to the echo he had before they discharged us on Monday, his heart strength is getting better sloooowwwwly. It is no where near how they would like to see it work but think it just needs time to recover. This is a huge prayer request considering he only has one good ventricle instead of two and this ventricle has to sustain him through 2 more surgeries and life...and now it is weak and trying to recover. Monday was a great day...we got to come home again! Anytime you enter the hospital with life threatening issues your mind starts to wander. Hospital stay is a tiring and scary needless to say it is awesome to be home. Continue to pray for our we came home with even more medications to give Lincoln on a daily basis and the constant stress of watching for symptoms of distress has increased. Trying to manage that and keep a clean, sterile environment is very tiring! In the midst of all that....Lincoln is like a different boy. He is eating sooooo much better, his color is better, he looks happy and is even smiling...which he never did before entering the hospital. Thank you all for your support and prayers and thanks to all who came to visit Lincoln this week in the was a blessing and it helped break up the long days a little! We love you all! J&K


Anonymous said...

On Monday during staff prayer time we prayed for Lincoln and each of you. We are so glad that our God answers prayers.
May he continue to grow in God's hands.
Love, Jan and the ESA gang

melissa braun said...

Great news guys!! We are so happy to hear Lincoln is back home again. That's great that he is smiling, it means he is ready for his portrait session. :) I can't wait to get that little man in front of my camera. See you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Such great news to hear that he is doing better. we have contiunally prayed for you guys, and know we are thinking of you all. Wish we were closer to be more support for you guys, but we hope you understand. Love you guys and know you are always in our thoughts and prayer.
Love the Taylor's

littlerobin said...

yeah! I'm excited to tell the boys your back home. R

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness... great news that Lincoln is eating better.... very good news.....
Matthew still barely drinks one bottle a day... he is primarily tube fed and he's 16 months old.
Baby food, forget it! Won't eat a thing ~ the little stinker.
I keep thinking that maybe I should get a G~tube... maybe I'll quit eating!!

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

What an amazing and Awesome God we have to answer our prayers for Lincoln so quickly! It thrills my heart to get this update and I know it will the other prayer warriors when I let them know this eveing after I get off work. God is soooooooooo good! We will continue to pray Lincoln will grow stronger each day and that you will have the strength it takes for all the new medications, etc. It is good to hear Lincoln is smiling and eating well. What a blessing!

Would love to come see you sometime but just not able to right now. Will be flying down to Escondido to celebrate my Mom's 82nd birthday next week so that will be fun.

Thanks for taking the time to keep us all updated when you are so tired. God's blessings to you and family. Hugs and love to all.

I love you much.

aunt donna :-) Isa. 40:31

Anonymous said...

Hugs and God's strength to you all.

I'm so glad to hear you are home, but I can only imagine how much stress you must be under.

We know the Lord's shoulders can bear your weight...will pray that He will sustain you both through this rough spot.

Will continue to pray for the little guy's recovery!

Love you

Amber Ferry and family

SJ said...

I can't even imagine what you are going through, but it is such a testimony to our great God that you acknowledge and demonstrate where your strength comes from! Thank you for sharing your life with us and showing us Christ through all your circumstances. God is good and we are rejoicing that Lincoln is home and pray for strength as you care for him and for his little heart. How great is our God and how wonderful that He is in control. We are praying for you!

Anonymous said...

God is so good! My husband, Marc, and his students are praying for Lincoln in all of his classes. We're so glad to hear that he's home again... and smiling! It only gets better from there.

Love, Shannon (Field) Andres