Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're Home...Still Waiting!

Hey Everybody! We got home late last night. Lincoln’s procedure went GREAT and without any problems. He got discharged and got to go home in record time! So thank you all for the prayers of safe travel and for a great cath procedure! The lab results and echocardiogram were also better than we expected. When lab results came back for the BNP, we were all shocked when we saw a number of 36…under 50 is normal. This is quite a bit different than the 509 number we had going into the cath and in which all the Dr’s were NOT thrilled! So either something drastically happened in the last two weeks to make the BNP go down, or one of the labs made a mistake and we got false numbers, OR God did some good things!! Anyway, we are still nervous about the results of the biopsy. If a BNP of 509 is not a mistake and 36 is…than there might be some rejection. If a BNP of 36 is not a mistake and 509 is…than things should be fine. It makes sense, though, that 36 is more accurate seeing that all of the other labs and echos are great? The results should be in the next 48 hrs so we ask that you continue to pray for the results of the biopsy and that God continues to heal! We will be in touch very soon! We love you all! J,K & L

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Anonymous said...

Glad things went well on Monday. We'll be praying the results come back favorably.