Thursday, September 04, 2008

No Biopsy Yet...

Hey everyone! Hope all is well with you! Lincoln is doing great. The last few weeks have been very busy and we are glad summer is coming to an end! As a lot of you were aware...Lincoln was supposed to go to UCLA on Labor Day for a biopsy. The date for his procedure has been delayed due to scheduling conflicts. We are now scheduled to have his biopsy on Sep. 26th. This will not affect any outcome or cause worry due to the delay. In fact, when Lincoln's cardiologist found out about the delay at UCLA, he made Lincoln come in for an echo and lab work…both of which turned out great! So please be praying for this trip and this procedure. Although "routine", there is never anything routine about cardiac catheterization. We will update with how everything went very soon. We love you all! J&K

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fatquiver said...

Nice dirty face.
A real boy.
So great to see you last Sunday!