Saturday, April 21, 2007

So Close to Going Home!

Hey everyone! Well, Lincoln got over his CMV and was discharged on Monday back to the Tiverton House. Unfortunately we are back in the hospital! Tuesday, after Lincoln got discharged we took him to clinic for a check up. There the Dr's told us that we no longer need to be here and that we can finally return to Fresno! We were making plans to come home this weekend when we experienced yet another set back. On Thursday morning Lincoln woke up with a 103 temp and a heart rate over 200. We immediately took him to the ER. We knew he had another bug but didn't know what. They quickly put him on antibiotics and later that day he seemed to feel better. They decided to readmit him to determine what he has. The last 2 days have been filled with tests, x-rays, cultures and medication. We still don't know what he has since most of the cultures are still pending. They are leaning toward pneumonia or an infection in the lungs due to an aspiration. Regardless, Lincoln is on multiple antibiotics and he is doing and feeling much better. If we get answers from the cultures in the next 24 hours, they should be able to specifically treat him and hopefully get back out of the hospital on Monday or Tuesday...and then on to Fresno ASAP. Keep him in your prayers! We are so excited to come home but Lincoln seems to like this place! We love you all! J&K


aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

I've been praying for Lincoln and you both and wondering how it was all going. Thanks for the update but sorry to hear that Lincoln is back in the hospital with another infection of some kind. I pray the doctors can figure out what it is and treat him accordingly so he can get over it quickly and you can head for Fresno! What a roller coaster ride you have been on but I know God has been on the ride with you all the way and will continue to do so.

I know you and your families will be so glad to have you closer to them and for you to be in your own place again will be wonderful. I know there will be bumps in the road but with God's strength you will make it "not somehow, but triumphantly". May the Lord keep you in His loving arms and give you His peace today.

Will email this update out tonight so others can pray. Give Lincoln a hug from aunt donna and keep one for yourselves.

Love ya much,

aunt donna :-) Isa. 40:31

Anonymous said...

Lord, keep touching Lincoln and his family. Hold them close and be Lord of all of their lives. Give them peace and direction. Show them your love through all circumstances. Your love is sufficient to hold us.
God's blessings from ESA

Anonymous said...

HI Guys
When I saw auntie Heather's posting I was so excited, because i just thought that the exciting news might just be that you get to go HOME! Sorry about the latest illnesses, but what an exciting and somewhat scary time that is just around the bend...will continue to pray for Lincoln and you home-going!

Love and hugs
Amber Ferry and fam

Linda Posthumus said...

Hi Guys,
We are so excited to realize you guys are getting close to coming home. We were in Israel for 10 days and my bible study ladies were so anxious to hear about Lincoln because I missed two weeks. Since they have all been praying for him all year long, it would be so great for him to be able to go home before our study ends in two weeks. That is how I will be praying.
We love you guys and can't wait to see your faces here in Fresno.
Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping everyone informed on Lincoln's progress, we are so happy to hear that hopefully you 3 can return home at last! We are praying for you and that Lincoln will not get any more bugs or viruses!!

Rich, Lisa, Ethan and Ryan Mondoux

Terri said...

I'm curious...
when you go back to Fresno..
will you go to the ER there?
I hear that Dr. Frank Hanley goes to Fresno a couple days a week...

Keeping you in our prayers...

We're taking Matthew in on Monday for an ECHO to check on that leak in his valve...
so... kinda nervous bout that.

Anonymous said...

So good to hear. We can't wait for the three of you to make it back to Fresno. Think of you guys everday.

The Taylor's

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

Just want you and Lincoln to know that I am praying for you all. Been wondering what is happening and how Lincoln is doing with the virus, etc. I trust that he is getting much better and that you will be home soon.

You are all so special to me and to the Lord. God bless you all as you seek Him.

Love ya much,

aunt donna :-) Prov. 3:5-6

linda Posthumus said...

Hey Everyone,
LINCOLN IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!! They got home last Wednesday night. That's all I know. We've been out of town. Praise God!!!!!

Rejoicing together with you all,

Linda Posthumus

aunt donna from oregon said...

Thanks for the GREAT NEWS, Linda, that Lincoln is home at last with Mommy and Daddy!
What a special Mother's Day this will be for you, Kristen, and Josh as you enjoy your little guy in your own place. God is soooooooooooooo Good! My prayer has been that Lincoln would be home for Mother's Day and He answered so perfectly. You will continue to be in my prayers as you adapt to home again. I know your families must be overjoyed to have you back.

Many blessings to each of you. I will let prayer team know tonight and they will be sooo excited and thanking God with you.

Lots of hugs and love,

aunt donna :-) Eph. 3:20

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carter Family,
I just wanted to let you know that we are still praying and keeping an eye on your blog site. We miss getting up-dates on how Lincoln and you are doing. Please up-date soon.
Jan and the ESA/Love INC gang