Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Be Praying!

I got a call from Josh this afternoon (Mon). Yesterday Lincoln had a fever of 104 that wouldn't come down so they took him to the hospital. Doctors say that his echo looked good and they don't think the issue has affected his heart. It's most likely a viral or bacterial infection but they won't know for sure until more blood work comes back in the next couple days. Josh said that even though a bacterial infection could be cured with antibiotics, it actually moves much faster in the body and is more likely to move towards his heart. A virus acts differently and would actually be a better prognosis, generally speaking. Please be praying for Lincoln (he's just not acting himself) and for wisdom for his medical staff, also for Josh and Kristen--for strength amidst fatigue, faith amidst disappointment/discouragement and for unity in their marriage as they face yet another difficult time. Thanks, guys!

Michelle Aaron for the Carter's

For those of you wanting a little more detail...they were visiting Kristen's parents in Roseville and actually took Lincoln to Sutter Hospital in Sacramento on Sunday. He stabilized enough Monday afternoon that they decided to transport him to Children's, where they are more familiar with Lincoln's history and more familiar with transplant patients. So....a praise that he was stable enough to come back to Children's and be close to home, but his fever isn't really coming down, and thus the concern...


Chet and Amy Linton said...

We are praying for you guys. We love you!

Love, the Linton family

Annie said...

We are praying for your family. I know how scary this must be. Remember that God is holding Lincoln in his arms. Please give him a kiss from us.

Annie, Isaac, Jonny, Jason, and Joel Rosas

Anonymous said...

We are all praying for Lincoln! May God bless you all.......

Mackenzie O'Gorman & family

Aaron Family said...

I really don't like when Lincoln's sick cuz he has to go back to the hospital. I really like how he smiles cuz it makes me happy but it just makes me sad when he has to go in the hospital. I hope I can come to his house. I love him. I want to pray for Lincoln cuz he is really sick and I hope he'll feel better.


Anonymous said...

The instant we heard from Auntie Heather that baby Lincoln was sick, we held hands at the dinner table and prayed (even kyle and ethan prayed) for him. How are things?? Better? Last I heard was that you were back in Frenso at his hospital....

Amber and family

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

I have been praying much for Lincoln that God would take his fever down quickly with no ill effects. I trust that he is much better by now and that he is home with the two of you once again. Have also been wondering how his biopsy went. I pray there has been no sign of rejection.

I am also praying for you both as you face another crisis that you will feel God's love and strength. I pray each of you will remain close to the Lord individually as well as together in Him and draw your strength from the Lord and His Word.

Hugs and love to each of you.

aunt donna :-) Isa. 40:31

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Came by looking for an update...

how is everything going???????

Anonymous said...

How is Lincoln? We think and pray for you all everyday.....

With love,
The O'Gorman Family

Anonymous said...

How is Lincoln...I get nervous when I don't hear from you for so long. Praying for you all the time.

Santa Rosa

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

I have been praying for you and Lincoln continually and trust that you are all doing well. The last report was September 5th when Lincoln had a high fever. I am trusting that "no news is good news".

I pray that you both have been able to get some rest and that you, Josh, have been able to find work that allows you to be with Kristen and Lincoln as much as possible.

I pray that you will be able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas as you celebrate with Lincoln and family.

Would be great to hear just a bit of news so I and others will know how to pray for all of you, but know you are very busy.

Always remember that that you are very special to me and to the Lord. May God continue to bless you all as you seek Him.

Love and hugs,

aunt donna :-) Isa. 40:31

PS: Early 32nd Birthday on the 4th, Josh!

foreversarahsmile said...

Wonderful pictures of Lincoln. We are so happy to read about his progress and the blessings in his life.

With Love and Excitement!

Moira Mike And Sarah