Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So Far So Good!

Hey there...Lincoln has adjusted into his new room on the pediatric floor...however mom and dad haven't! Now that Lincoln is on the floor there is less observation and the nurse only comes in to give meds and check on him from time to time. That leaves us with him 24/7 to make sure he is doing OK. Since we need to be in his room at night, getting sleep is hard to do especially when we share the room with another patient. Oh well...this just means we are one step closer to the exit doors of the hospital. I came down with a virus a few days ago and I am having to stay at home for a week while Kristen stays with Lincoln. Pray for her as she is exhausted from being there 3 days straight with no sleep. Pray that I get over my bug too...It is too dangerous to be around Lincoln while being sick. Grandpa Carter came down for a few days to be with Lincoln so Kristen can get sleep at night and while I recover. Lincoln, however, is doing great. We started trying to feed him a special formula 2 days ago. So far we have not seen any Chylous fluid coming out of the chest tubes. We have been increasing the food volume each day and so far so good. If we get through a few more days and up to full feeds and we still don't see any fluid in the chest tubes...they will be able to take them out...This is a huge prayer request!! Oh and by the way...before the transplant we saw that Lincoln had become completely orally averted to eating from a bottle because of not doing it for months. Since the transplant, Lincoln has been eating all his food from the bottle without any problems at all. It's weird...he just seems to be a different kid. They told us before the transplant that we would see him progress by leaps and bounds when he gets his new heart...they weren't kidding! Lincoln seems to have so much more energy. He is not only eating from the bottle...he is reaching for it. He is talking (baby talk) so much more, interacting with his movies, interacting with people and even getting a little attitude. Michelle asked if we can hold him. Yes, we can hold him even though he has his chest tubes just makes it more of a pain for both Lincoln and us so we do it less often. He is getting antsy though and tired from being in bed so much. Continue to pray for healing of his chest and the Chylothorax and for NO infections or sickness. Pray for energy for both of us and that I get over my sickness and Kristen gets sleep and stays well too. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support...we love you all! J&K


Terri said...

I hope you get well quick Josh.. and I pray that Kristen stays healthy! Poor girl.. she must be exhausted....

So happy all is going so well..

Can't wait for you to go home and start a normal life...
whatever normal is, huh!

Love you guys
The King Family in Las Wages

Terri said...

or maybe that's supposed to be Lost Wages...
ya.. I think that was it...

melissa braun said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well Josh. I'll be praying for you to get well and for Kristen to stay well. I'm so glad to have seen this update before I left the house today. I'm heading up to San Francisco to fly to Orlando tonight. I'll be gone for a week and I am going to go into Lincoln withdrawls while I'm gone because I don't know how often I'm going to be able to check the blog. I'll have to keep checking in with Randy for any updates. Miss you guys and can't wait for you all to come home! I was hoping we could spend NASCAR season watching races together. :) There are lots of races left though. Hope you feel better soon! Give Kristen and Lincoln a hug for me!!


Izabell said...

what a wonderful post, i am glad that he is getting formula now and i am so happy to hear that he is taking the bottle and getting energy! you don't know me teri sent the blog to our attention. we are praying for the chest tubes to come out and heal. hope oyou all feel bettter are able to get rest. is there someone who could come and sit with him so mo can nap, seattle childrens has voneteers at certain times that sit with the chilren so the parents can eat lunch or rest for a bit.

J Crew said...

It is really great to see God's faithfulness in this and we are rejoicing and praising Him for the fact that he is doing so well

Donna Iler said...

Kristen, My time was much shorter, but I spent 5 days in peds with a 7 week old - there 24/7, roommate of another baby who had no one to be with him, so I ended up doing it, while I was recovering from strep. I understand how hard it is!!! My prayers are with you.

Donna Iler

Blair & Michelle Edwards said...

"Rejoice with those who rejoice. Weep with those who weep." That seems ironically applicable to Lincoln's return to the floor. Bittersweet sounds like it would probably be a good word right now for you sleepless parents.

Michelle and I would love to babysit on Saturday if you need a break. We have the entire middle of the day open. Let me know if we can help.

SJ said...

I continue to stand in awe and praise of our gracious Lord - who does exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ask or imagine - how awesome to hear how well Lincoln is doing - to God be all the glory!!!! Know we are praying for you both - quick recovery and rest.

Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus, We are so thankful for Your grace and Your touch on our lives and on the Carter Family. We ask You to heal Josh. Please cover him with your wonderful grace. Jesus, thank You also that You have promised Kristen that You will not give her any more than she can handle. Please give her sleep. Give her good rest as she lays Lincoln in Your hands. God, thank You for ALWAYS having Your hand on Lincoln. Please continue to heal him. Guard him from any infections or other complications as You are taking him THROUGH this time.
We all love YOU.
From the ESA/Love INC side of your family.

Anonymous said...

We will pray for a quick recovery Josh, and for any sleep Kristen is able to get to be rejuvinating. It is exciting to see God's hand so evident throughout this whole process. Thank you Lord!
John has a meeting in Anaheim in a few weeks and wants to come by and visit. We'll be in touch to work out the details. Love you guys!Sarah....John, Madison and Joel

Ando said...

Glad to hear Lincoln is doing well. We here in Santa Rosa will continue to pray for him and the two of you.

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

Good to hear that Lincoln is doing so well and that he is able to have some special formula and no fluid from his chest. It is neat to hear that he has much more energy and even reaching for his bottle at this stage. I truly believe God gave Lincoln just the perfect heart and He will continue to strengthen Lincoln day by day.

I pray that you will be feeling better very soon,Josh and be back with Kristen and Lincoln. I know it must be difficult to not be with them but you certainly need your rest as well. I pray you will both get some sleep so you can keep up your strength. Glad that Rob could come help out for a few nights. He is a very special guy.

A dear friend of mine from Bible Study has been keeping posted on Lincoln from day one and praying continually. She is due with a little boy on March 6th and there are some health issues. Because I know you pray much for others and those who read your blog will also pray, I am going to end with a note from Darcy regarding her little guy so all of you can pray with them.

I Love you,

aunt donna :-) Phil. 4:13,19 and Isa. 40:31
Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, our baby was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia that
will need to be immediately repaired after he is born. Danny and I went up
to Portland on Friday to see the specialists that will be delivering our
baby as well as caring for him in the weeks after he is born. While in
Portland, we met a very good and positive group of people that will be
caring for all of us. The doctors that we met with all said the outlook is
good due to the late diagnosis/development of the hernia.

The c-section is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6. There will be a team of
doctors waiting for Peanut when he comes out and they will start working on
him as soon as he is born. The pediatric surgeon said that the surgery to
repair the hernia will happen between day 3 and 7 after he is born depending
on how stable he is. Once his surgery is done he will have lots of work
learning how to eat and breathe on his own. When he has mastered those
skills we will be able to bring him home. We will most likely be in Portland
for 3-4 weeks after he is born.

We especially want to thank you for all of your prayers and support over the
last several weeks. We have both felt that support and are feeling positive
and peaceful as a result.

We would appreciate continued prayer for the following:

-That Peanut continues to grow strong and healthy (especially his heart and
lungs) in utero where right now he is safest.
-Knowledge and wisdom for the doctors that they know how to best repair the
hernia and take care of our little guy.
-For our financial situation in Portland as we may need to stay up there
close to a month which also means that Danny will miss quite a bit of
-Strength for us to get through the weeks of waiting and all that follows.
-For Grace as she adjusts to being a big sister to a little guy with lots of
tubes and machines hooked up to him as well as separation from mommy and

Linda Posthumus said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,
We enjoyed so much getting to see both of you and of course, the star of the show, Lincoln yesterday. He looks so good to us. We LOVED hearing him laugh and make baby noises. What a special boy. So glad those tubes are finally out. Praise God. What did the X-ray show???? We will be praying he will drink all his milk and take his meds. Also praying that he will soon be out of the hospital. It is amazing how fast he has recuperated. I got some cute pictures. His picture is on my "wallpaper" on my new phone. I love that...every time I open my phone I see his precious little face smiling back at me.
Love you guys.
P.S. thanks for letting me stay in during the chest tube precedure. He took it like a champion!!!!

Flores Family said...

Josh and Kristan,
So glad that everything is going well, such an answer to prayer!!! Praise God. You all are in so many people's prayers you just wouldn't believe it. We continue to pray for Lincoln and for you!

Dena, Daren, and Cole Flores
Appling, GA

Terri said...

Anyone know how it's going???

Linda Posthumus said...

Hi Terri and Everyone else too:
Today, Wednesday, Lincoln is having his second heart biopsy. It is routine. He is doing very well. We got to see him last Friday. Such a precious boy. Grandma Vicki said he is now eating applesauce and starting to get the hang of it. If the heart biospy goes well, he may even be getting out of the hospital soon! Pray for that. The chest tubes were taken out, though he is still on a low fat diet, which he doesn't prefer...who does??? Keep praying! God continues to do amazing things and He is ABLE!!!!

Nana said...

Mighty Prayer Warriors,there are no words that could express our feelings to all of you who continue to pray for our Lil M & M {Miracle Man) and Kristen and Josh. I know we still have a ways to go but I felt led to thank all of you. I have always felt God's presence around these 3 but feeling all of your prayers around them is just what Mothers and Fathers want for their kids.Thank you . Nana and Papa ,Grandma and Grandpa Carter