Monday, October 02, 2006

Under Evaluation

Hey everyone...we are settling in to our "home away from home." There is really no new news to report...the Dr's are just trying to keep him stable. He is actually doing great and because of the heart medication his heart has been "tuned back up" and he would normally be able to go home right now...but because his heart has been poopin out days after we get home, he needs to remain in the hospital and be on his medication. They will wait a little longer to stop the medication and wean it down slowly in hopes that his heart just needs a longer period of time to get stronger. If this doesn't work we need to "talk" about being put on a heart transplant list because his heart is so weak. They have already started doing some of the tests for doner matches just in case. This week is crucial because they will make a lot of decisions regarding what's needed for Lincoln. Please be praying that his heart gets stronger everyday and he can come home in the next few weeks. Pray for us too as it is very emotionally & physically draining being down here and waiting to see what happens. Here are a few pics of the last two days. Lincoln's favorite place to be is in mommy's arms...where he is so content and happy. The second is in daddy's arms watching NASCAR and the Chargers like we did yesterday. Nanna, Pappa, auntie Heather & cousin Sydney also came to visit Lincoln this weekend...that was fun. We will talk to you all soon. We love you all! J&K


melissa braun said...

I thought about you guys as I watched the race yesterday. You are in our thoughts and prayers often. Love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

What adorable pictures. Thanks for the update. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Love, John, Sarah, Madison, and Joel

Anonymous said...

He's getting so big and he's just so cute!!!! I am praying for wisdom for the doctors as they make their decisions this week, and for grace and strength for you guys as you go through this!!! It has been a great reminder to me of God's faithfulness to see all He has done in Lincoln's life already, and I know we can continue to trust in Him for all of Lincoln's needs. I love you guys and wish I could be there.

Love, Christine

Aaron Family said...

Thanks for taking the time to post all the pictures. He is looking so cute (Lincoln, that is)--really filling out. Give his thighs a squeeze for me :). So glad he's doing well right now and is able to be in your arms for comfort and security. We will pray specifically for all the decisions that need to be made this week as well as Lincoln weaning off his meds. We look forward to seeing you back in Clovis soon.


Anonymous said...

How I praise God that Lincoln is "fearfully and wonderfully made"...and especially for the opportunity to hold that precious bundle just over a week ago!! What do you guys need? We are praying and will continue to do so...we are not too far away if there is ANYTHING we can do or provide for our dear family. We love you and trust God to continue to "direct your paths". Love, Marty & Norm (& Jod, Sal & Ben)

Anonymous said...

He is looking great. We do pray for endurance for all of you and for wisdom for the doctors in the decision making process. May God guide all of you.
Jan and ESA/Love INC

Anonymous said...

Is he just the cutest little guy ...
what a sweet little baby!
Dang... is he cute!

Mike, Terri & Matthew ~ LV

littlerobin said...

Hi Lincoln, the kids and I like your big fat cheeks and your second chin. You are a cutie! We'll be prayin for ya. the Boyds

Anonymous said...

Dear Josh and Kristen. It's so good to see great pictures of little Lincoln. We miss him in Charlie Mitchell. Carol and I (Veronica) wanted to let you know that we are praying for Lincolns healing and for strength, endurance and faith for you all during this time.
Veronica and Carol, Charlie Mitchell Children's Center.

McCorvey Family said...

Lincoln is absolutely adorable! Love the pictures. We are keeping you all in our prayers. Sending lots of heart hugs to baby Lincoln.
with Love,
Johnnie, Carlie
Zachariah, Makenna and Caton McCorvey

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

You have been continually in my prayers throughout the day. I also received the update from Rob today as well regarding the transplant list. I pray for wisdom for the doctors and for strength and courage for you both during this very difficult journey God has you on. You are so very special to me and to the Lord and I send you hugs and much love.

Just got home from Bible Study so will send out latest update to prayer warriors on your behalf and we can all "stand in the gap" for you and your family. I pray little Lincoln's heart will begin to strengthen and that he will continue to grow into a healthy young man.

I love you much,

aunt donna :-) Isa. 40:31

SJ said...

Great pictures - we are praying for you guys! I am so impressed with little Lincoln's Nascar watching -

Anonymous said...

Wow! He is such a handsome boy!! We are praying, praying, praying . . . for Lincoln's healing and for strength and peace for each moment for the two of you. Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted on how we can specifically pray.

Albert, Laura, & Annika Pando

Linda Posthumus said...

Hi Guys,
What a precious little guy! I love the way Lincoln holds his lips. What a sweet profile. We are continuing to pray, asking for God's guidance and grace EVERY step of the way.
We love you ALL.
Linda and George

Aaron Family said...

I love Lincoln. I hope I would be able to come to your house. I want Lincoln to get out of the hospital. I hope he would have the tubes out of his nose and that he would be done out of the hospital and the doctors would do good. I love the pictures. I like the silly face. I hope I would be able to come to the hospital again.


Anonymous said...

Despite the obvious resemblance to Daddy, he is about the cutest little boy ever. What an amazing blessing from God. We love you guys and we are continually praying for the Lord's blessings in Lincoln's (& mommy/daddy) life. We hope to see you all soon. Love, Ben, Rachel, & Lincoln's Buddies - Keegan & Jackson

The Bergmans said...

Praying for you guys. You must be exhaused. Praying for God's peace to flood over you as you wait on His perfect timing for all of Lincoln's special needs. It is so good to know our God is one who holds his little ones so carefully in His very capable and loving hands. Blessings as you continue to trust Him every step of the way. Love, Jocie

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Man we feel so out of the loop, because our own lives are just so dang busy. Thanks for callin Josh, sorry I couldn't talk longer. We are always thinkin and prayin for you guys. The pictures are so cute, and he looks just great. I wish we could be there more for you guys, sure hope you understand. I will try to call you guys Sunday after the Rams kick some butt.

Love you guys
John, Julie and Alyssa

Anonymous said...

OH LORD we fall down at your feet and ask you to strengthen little Lincoln.

My 4 year old Kyle NEVER forgets to pray for "baby Lincoln" at dinner each night. You guys are always in my thoughts and heart. The Lord is in control, but I can only imagine how hard it must be to trust and have faith. Kristen, you look so sweet and always have that genuine warm the hearts of so many....what a witness to the love of Jesus Christ you all are.

We are praying that the doctors' hands are annointed as they try to do what's best for the little guy.

Love and hugs

Amber Ferry and family

Aaron Family said...

Sorry to be a day late, but Happy 4 Month Birthday, Lincoln! Just talked to Vicki and we are in fervent prayer for you guys today. We love you.