Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Tummy Hurts Mommy

Lincoln is doing great! He is getting stronger every day! He does however have a little stomach issue unfortunately. Earlier this week he was still battling some constipation and now....well....lets just say he is too loose ( I wont give you details). You can tell by the way he acts and looks that he has not been feeling well. He has been getting very agitated, tired and has had a loss of appetite. Please pray that whatever he is dealing with in his tummy goes away and that he can digest his food and move it properly without any pain. Other than that he is doing great...and getting bigger by the day! We have more Dr's appts this week...pray for those too! Today we sat at home and tried to get some rest...he even sat on the couch and watched the NASCAR race a little before poopin out.


SJ said...

Praise the Lord - we will pray the stomach issues go away. Has to be a great kid - already watching NASCAR!

Anonymous said...

man I can't wait to see your guy in person!

PTL for the NG tube incident...God has a way of making things known...

We'll be praying for Lincoln's Dr visits this week and that his tummy feels better!

Amber and family

Anonymous said...

He looks beautiful!
Our prayers are with you.

melissa braun said...

We are so glad to see him growing stronger everyday. I'm glad he was able to watch NASCAR with you Josh. Let's hope he doesn't grow up to be a Mark Martin fan like his dad. :) Can't wait to have you guys over to watch another race on the big screen. You are welcome at our place anytime. Love you guys!!

Melissa & Randy

Patricia said...

He's so cute. I love the pictures. I will pray for his tummy issues. They can be so painful. ~Patricia Brown

Anonymous said...

I think it is so cool that you got to bring Linc up infront of your church family. I miss him so much. I think you should post your baby shower information on the blog so it gives an opportunity for people to come if they want.

Love ya, Auntie and Sydney

Linda Posthumus said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

It was sooooooooo good to see you guys at Ellie's birthday party. We loved having the guest appearance of Little Lincoln. He is SOOOOOOOOOOO precious.

We will be praying for his tummy issues. It is so good to know he is growing bigger every day. I love that he took out his own tube...he was telling you, "I DON'T NEED IT!"

Love you all so much,

aunt donna from oregon said...

Hi Josh and Kristen,

Sorry I did not write sooner. It's been a busy time. I have been praying for Lincoln and his tummy problems. I trust that he is doing much better. He looks soooo adorable all dressed in blue! He is definitely Daddy's boy by starting to watch NASCAR at such a young age!

A friend of mine had read earlier that Lincoln did not like his bath so following is a note from her that perhaps will help:

"Our younger son did not like his bath until I read this hint. Sometimes babies cry in their bath because they are fearful when they are not swaddled. If you take one of their arms in your hand and bend it at the elbow, holding their forearm and upper arm together, it give them the same
sensation that swaddling does and calms them right down. I put my arm behind the baby's neck and held the arm in my hand. Worked for us, and #2 son liked his bath after that.

Will be praying about the tummyache.


You are such a special couple and I continue to rejoice with you in God's miracle with Lincoln. I hope I can come see you all one of these days. I left a message on Vicki's cell phone recently and she then left me one saying, "You can call me Grandma!" We continue to play phone tag and I hope we can connect soon. Please give love and hugs to everyone.

I love you,

aunt donna :-) Eph. 3:20

Anonymous said...

Lord thank you for the Carter family and their love for each other. We ask that you would lay your hand on each one of them. Let each person know that you are with them and that you are the God that heals in body, soul and spirit. Lord, we trust you and rest in your love for us.
Jan and ESA/Love INC